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The Bionic Commando Database


There are several guns to choose from in the game, but only a few are actually useful. You start with your standard gun; all the others are found in different areas.

Picture Name Location Notes
Normal Gun Normal Gun -

This is the gun you start with. With it, you fire bullets in a straight line across the screen. It's the second most useful gun in the game. It's also the only gun that you can attach the rapid fire device to.

Wide Cannon Wide Cannon Area 4

You get a message from your comrades to seek out area 4 for a good weapon. When you finally beat the level you get this gun, which sucks. It has a nice idea, shooting in three forward directions, but because its range is so short, it's quite useless.

Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher Area 5

My personal favorite gun, as well as the gun you'll probably use the most throughout the game. It shoots very similar to your normal gun, except that it fires a little slower. However, what it lacks in speed it makes up for in power. One rocket is equivalent to three bullets from your normal gun, and shoots right through enemy soldiers! You will need to take this gun with you in area 6.

Rapid Fire Device Rapid Fire Device Area 3

While technically an item as opposed to a gun, the Rapid Fire Device allows your normal weapon to shoot much faster. Because it is an item, it means that you cannot use an item if you equip this. Plus, you'll most likely have the rocket launcher by the time you get it, making it obsolete.

3 Way Three Way Area 9

This gun is needed to enter Area 7. It's basically a flame thrower that shoots above you, below you, and in front of you. The damage is minimal, and it is really only useful once.

Joe's Machine Gun Joe's Machine Gun Area 18

Picked up from Destroyer-3, this weapon is only semi-useful. It discharges plenty of ammo in a 22.5 degree spray, but its lack of range makes it rarely useful at best. You don't need to rescue Joe to get his gun.

- Hyper Bazooka Area 12

A very powerful weapon that's still in its prototype phase. When completed, it will be able to blow the cockpit out of a helicopter. It is obtained from a man named Hal at the end of Area 12.

All weapons work a little differently in the top-down view areas then they do in the side-view areas. Some become better, while other become worse. Try and experiment, by picking different weapons each time, to find your favorite.

Copyright 2002: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.