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The Bionic Commando Database


It's rather amazing how many different enemies Bionic Commando has. Most games of this age have a few different enemies who have primitive attack routines, but Bionic Commando has many detailed and specific enemies, some with fairly complex AIs. Remember that there are more things that can hurt you then just the enemies. There are plenty of hazards in the game as well. Here is the full list of every enemy in the game.


Easy Name: Soldier
Location: Many Areas
Weapons: Rifle
Description: This is the first enemy you'll see, and the most common. The Badds seem to have an endless supply of them, as even when you kill them, others just take up their ranks.

Rifle Soldier

Easy Name: Rifle Soldier
Location: Many Areas
Weapons: Rifle
Description: These guys hide behind barrels and boxes. Every so often they'll peek their heads out and shoot some rounds at you. Keep on your guard, and hit them as soon as they pop up.

Laser Barrier

Easy Name: Laser Barrier
Location: Area 1
Weapons: Laser
Description: They just sit in your way, and hurt you. Unlike most hazards, you can kill these guys.

Heavy Soldier

Easy Name: Heavy Soldier
Location: Area 1, 8
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Bombs
Description: Similar to the rifle soldiers, they hide behind barrels, and come up every so often to shoot. These guys have the added benefit of a rocket launcher, and bombs to better kill you.

Para Soldier

Easy Name: Para Soldier
Location: Many Areas
Weapons: Rifle
Description: Normal soldiers gone airborne. They'll drop onto your level and shoot at you with their rifles. Just wax 'em in the air and watch the bullets drop.


Easy Name: Commander
Location: Areas: 1, 2, 8, 9, 11
Weapons: Rifle
Description: The platoon leaders stand and shout orders to the other soldiers. Unfortunately, they're too occupied to get out of the way of your bullets. Just shoot the suckers!

Bearded Soldier

Medium Name: Knife Wielding Soldier
Location: Areas: 3, 4, 7
Weapons: Bayonet
Description: As soon as these guys catch a glimpse of you, they charge with their razor sharp bayonets. Shoot them before they get to you, or you'll need some unwanted surgery.


Medium Name: Jeep
Location: Marshes
Weapons: Machine Gun
Description: They drive from one side of the screen to the other, and blast away wt you with their machine gun. Make sure they don't run you over. Kill them and get an Eagle Badge.

Copter Soldier

Medium Name: Copter Soldier
Location: Area 5
Weapons: Laser Gun
Description: They fly above you, shoot down laser barriers, and try and run them into you. If you hit them with your bionic claw, they will fall into your shooting level, where you can blast them.

Fixed Laser

Easy Name: Fixed Laser
Location: Area 5
Weapons: Laser
Description: Fixed on a ceiling, these laser beams fire automatically on a timer. They will knock your bionic arm down if it gets hit. They will also damage you if they hit your body. Swing up to their level and take them out.

Suicide Bomber

Medium Name: Suicide Bomber
Location: Area 2, 8
Weapons: Bombs
Description: These psychopaths are on a death mission. They fill the screen with bombs in order to kill you. Keep on your guard, and keep your distance.


Medium Name: Crane
Location: Area 2
Weapons: Chains
Description: Cranes will drop their huge chains to the lower levels trying to give you a nice headache. They also can run you over quite well. As long as their chain is down, you can't hurt them from the front, so try for a back attack. When you destroy the crane, you still have to worry about the driver.

Dwarf Solder

Easy Name: Dwarf Soldier
Location: Areas: 2, 7
Weapons: Rifle
Description: The Badds have genetically altered these soldiers to more easily fit into small machines. Be weary of them, or they'll blow your kneecaps off.

Rocket Solder

Medium Name: Rocket Soldier
Location: Cliffs
Weapons: Rocket Launcher
Description: These bad boys fire a massive rocket launcher at you, and hide behind heavily armored shields. Hit them when they shoot to kill them. They leave behind Eagle Badges when they die.


Medium Name: Spider
Location: Area 3
Weapons: Teeth
Description: As part of the medical warfare division, the Badds have bred these spiders especially large and distempered. Use you claw to knock them into firing range.


Easy Name: Moth
Location: Area 3
Weapons: Tongue
Description: Another creature turned giant by the Badds. One claw strike and these flying insects are toast.

Mini Bots

Easy Name: Mini Bots
Location: Area 6, 9
Weapons: Energy
Description: These little robots drive around the ground back and forth. One shot will take them out, but keep an eye out for when they start falling.

Remote Soldier

Medium Name: Remote Soldier
Location: Area 6
Weapons: Remotes
Description: With his virtual reality headset, he can use his little remotes to see, and fly them at you. Skip the remotes, and attack him. As soon as you kill him, all of his remotes will fall to the ground.

Heavy Object Throwing Soldier

Medium Name: Heavy Object Throwing Soldier
Location: Area 6
Weapons: Spike balls
Description: What a clever name. Guess what they do! Throw heavy objects! They create a nice maze of spike balls for you. Be very careful, and use your arm to stay out of reach.

Para Bomber

Medium Name: Para Bomber
Location: Area 8
Weapons: Bombs
Description: Great, now they can fly too! When it rains, it pours. Kill these guys quick or the entire screen will fill up with them!

Double Decker Cannon

Medium Name: Double Decker Cannon
Location: Area 8
Weapons: Rockets
Description: Within the tight corridors of area 8, these rail guns will fire away at you. Aim for the turrets instead of the chains.

Wired Soldier

Medium Name: Wired Soldier
Location: Area 8, 10
Weapons: Rifle
Description: No matter how you try, these guys will move out of your weapon's path. Time it right and shoot as you fall to kill them.

Shielded Soldier

Medium Name: Shielded Soldier
Location: Area 8
Weapons: Shield
Description: Don't even bother trying to attack them from the front. Use your claw to swing behind them and shoot.

Bionic Soldier

Medium Name: Bionic Soldier
Location: Secret Passages
Weapons: Bionic Arm
Description: Keep your distance from this wannabe. He'll use his arm you hurt you, and disrupt your gunfire. Kill him to receive an Eagle Badge.

Rail Gunner

Medium Name: Rail Gunner
Location: Area 7
Weapons: Rockets
Description: Your rocket launcher can't pierce their powerful shields. Use the 3-Way you defeat them before they trample over you.


Medium Name: Helicopter
Location: Area 7
Weapons: Rifle
Description: Equipped with the 3-Way, you'll have a better chance killing these guys. Sometimes when they explode a dwarf Soldier will fall from the cockpit. Be careful.

Laser Cannon

Medium Name: Laser Cannon
Location: Area 10
Weapons: Laser
Description: This cannon moves along the ceiling shooting long red lasers at you. They are difficult to avoid, and are very capable of killing you.

Construction Soldier

Easy Name: Construction Soldier
Location: Area 11
Weapons: Fists
Description: They're weaponless, and slow due to their beer gut. Just waste them from afar. The amazing thing is when you kill them, they disappear!

Copyright 2002-2003: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.