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The Bionic Commando Database


Bionic Commando is ripe with hefty enemies. The bad boys at the end of each stage are considered the bosses, and they are usually pretty tough to beat. When you go to destroy the main system of an area, there is often a nice long battle to top it off.

The Main System

Here we see Rad Spencer getting ready to annihilate the main system generator. You must fire 20 bullets into the core reactor to destroy it. That thing that looks like a gun on the top, is in fact, a gun. However, it only begins shooting in the more difficult areas. Even then it's pretty easy to avoid.

Enough about the Main System, here's the bosses:

First PlatoonFirst Platoon

Easy Name: First Platoon
Weapons: Rifles
Area: 1
Description: Basically you have a whole bunch of Soldiers storming the room trying to kill you. Make your way to the last platform, and shoot at the Main System. Keep your eyes peeled for stray bullets.

Bearded Soldier

Medium Name: Bearded Soldier
Weapons: Rifle, Knife, Bionic Claw
Area: 4, 12
Description: He's pretty tough to kill, but you don't even need to.

Second PlatoonSecond Platoon

Easy Name: Second Platoon
Weapons: Rifles
Area: 2
Description: Much like the first platoon, only with some extra sniper guards.

Pi Pi Pi

Easy Name: Pi Pi Pi (Not his real name, but you gotta call him something!)
Weapons: Wide Cannon
Area: 3, 5, 10
Description: His bullets are fairly easy to dodge. Just be on your toes, and unload on him. Of course, you can just run past him, and shoot him from behind!

Wired Gunner

Hard Name: Wired Gunner
Weapons: Lotsa Wires
Area: 6, 7, 12
Description: The most difficult boss, aside from the horrible Albatros. This bad boy will give you a lot of trouble. Aim for his face, it's his only weak point. Shoot as you drop from the ledge.

Third PlatoonThird Platoon

Hard Name: Third Platoon
Weapons: Rifles
Area: 8
Description: The platoons have finally got some brains and decided to get tougher. This platoon has the difficult shielded Soldiers that can only be hit from behind.

Fourth PlatoonFourth Platoon

Easy Name: Fourth Platoon
Weapons: Rifles, Rockets, and Bombs
Area: 9
Description: This platoon now has the added benefit of Heavy Soldiers. Still though, it's pretty easy.

Fifth PlatoonFifth Platoon

Medium Name: Fifth Platoon
Weapons: Rifles
Area: 11
Description: Boy, these platoons are getting on my nerves. This one is fortified with moving laser cannons for that nice "we want you dead" feeling.

Generalissimo Killt

Easy Name: Generalissimo Killt
Weapons: None
Area: 12
Description: He taunts you. Then he gets killed by Master-D. Oooo, scary!


Very Hard Name: Albatros
Weapons: Flame Throwers
Area: 12
Description: A huge robotic nightmare. Beware the flame throwers that cover its outside shell. Your only hope is to aim for its main reactor located near the top.

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Hard Name: Master-D
Weapons: Machine Gun
Area: 12
Description: After you destroy the Albatros, Master-D tries to escape in a helicopter. You have a kill or be killed with only a one-shot chance to fire your Hyper Bazooka into the cockpit of the helicopter, or you will become mincemeat from the copter's machine gun.

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