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Combat Zone Neutral Zone There are a total of 19 areas in the game. The first 12 are combat zones, while the remaining 7 are neutral zones. Combat zones are taken over by the Badds, and combat with them takes place in these areas. The neutral zones are places where you are not allowed to fight, or you will be attacked. The different zones are easy to recognize because of their color. Red text, white background is a combat zone, while white text red background is a neutral zone.

Each combat area requires that you take with you a communicator to contact your comrades outside. The communication rooms in each area use a specific communicator. If you bring the wrong one, you just get garbled messages. It's important that you bring the correct communicators. Also, some areas require a certain equipment to get into the area. This was used to prevent a player from trying to beat areas before they beat others. Example: You need a rocket launcher to get into area 6, but you have to beat area 5 to get the rocket launcher. This was a good idea the programmers put into the game. Every area rewards you with a prize when you beat it. Along with the prize, you will also receive 10 extra bullets.

The following is a brief description of each area, and some information about them. For a more detailed explanation of each area see the Areas in Detail section. Click on the area number for the area map.

A note on difficulty ratings: There are four difficulty ratings each is signified by a color.
Easy Easy     Easy Medium     Easy Hard     Easy Very Hard

Combat Areas
Area Comm Bring Reward Boss Difficulty
Area 1 Alpha Any Medicine First Platoon Medium
Area 2 Beta Any Pendant Second Platoon Easy
Area 3 Beta Any Rapid Fire Device Pi Pi Pi Medium
Area 4 Alpha Flare Bombs Wide Cannon Bearded Solider Easy
Area 5 Alpha Any Rocket Launcher Pi Pi Pi Hard
Area 6 Beta Rocket Launcher Permit Wired Gunner Very Hard
Area 7 Gamma 3 Way Super Joe Wired Gunner Hard
Area 8 Gamma Any Iron Boots Third Platoon Medium
Area 9 Gamma Any 3 Way Fourth Platoon Easy
Area 10 Delta Any 1 Up Pi Pi Pi Very Hard
Area 11 Delta Any Bullet Proof Vest Fifth Platoon Very Hard
Area 12 Delta Any Beat the game Several Very Hard

Neutral Areas
Area Bring Room 1 Room 2
Area 13 Any Bullet Flare Bombs
Area 14 Permit Gamma Bullet Bullet Bullet Bullet Bullet
Bullet Bullet Bullet Bullet Bullet
Area 15 Any 1 Up Delta
Area 16 Any Beta Worthless Hint
Area 17 Any Underground Passages Joe's Location
Area 18 Permit Fake Gun Joe's Machine Gun
Area 19 Any Bullet Bullet Bullet Bullet Suicide Bomber

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