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Top Secret

Top Secret

Before Bionic Commando was released in America, it was played in Japan under the name of Top Secret: Hitler's Revival. When the game was moved to America, the censors wouldn't allow many aspects of the game, and a lot was changed. Here is the complete list (as many as I could find) of all the changes in the game.

General Changes
The title screen is obviously different. The palette is slightly more cartoonish. Skin tones are more pink, greens are brighter, etc. All the text is in Japanese, of course. There are swastikas all over the place. Pretty much, where ever you see an eagle in Bionic Commando, it's a swastika in Top Secret.

Obviously, the text is in Japanese.

There are still a few English words thrown in for some reason.

Flashing Comm Rooms
When you're in the communications room, the red light flashes. I'm not sure why this was removed, it seems to add to the game.

Area 1

Extra Soldiers
There are several extra soldiers outside the complex.

1 Up
There is a 1up on top of one of the platforms of the first island.

Bonus Package
There is a bonus package near the first lamp post.

Two Elevators
Both elevators are here. The one on the left is a falling one though. Also, the elevator will properly appear if you go into the comm room.

There are a few extra barriers in the underground area.
There are no parachuting guards inside.
There are a lot more heavy soldiers inside.

Area 2

The slime only moves to the right.

Area 3

Bonus Package
The bonus package is in a different spot.

Extra Elevators
There are extra elevators at the first drop.

Extra Elevators / 1 Up
More excess elevators and a 1 up.

Mega Bonus
If you can make it up here, you can get a real big bonus!

There are extra man eating plants outside.

Area 4

There are rocks blocking your way in the entrance. Use your arm to knock them down. These were probably removed because they create several palette errors.

Extra Soldiers
There are extra soldiers in the cave. More rocks too.

There is a POW in the corner, guarded by a knife wielding soldier.

1 Up
An extra 1 up.

Bonus Package
Another bonus package.

Area 5

Extra Ball and Chains
There are extra ball and chain hazards.

Bonus Package
An extra bonus package is here in the middle section.

Area 6

Extra Robots
There are extra mini robots in the area.

There are a few moving platforms that are both helpful, and hindering.

Red Balls
Not all the balls that the Heavy Object Throwing Soldiers toss are spiked balls. Some just knock you back.

Shooting Star
There is a shooting star in this area. Look in the red circle to see it. It's very small.

Area 7

Land Mines
Yup! Land mines! They may look like they're placed in a stupid location, but if you miss the power line, you will fall on them!

Bonus Package
Just another bonus package taken out of the American version.
Watch out! The helicopters move faster now!

There is also a secret room in this level that gives you all the weapons.

Area 8

No parachuters
The suicide bombers no longer parachute. Instead they are placed on every platform.

Bonus Package
Another bonus package. Notice the swastikas

Area 9

More Wired Gunners
More wired soldiers then usual.

Extra Soldiers
Extra soldiers in general.

Bonus Package
Extra bonus package.

Area 10

More Laser Cannons
There are more laser cannons.

These spikes are not in the American version. There -is- a way past them...

Bonus Package
Extra bonus package.

Heavy Soldier
Instead of falling minibots, they have this guy.

Area 11

More Construction Soldiers
There are several more construction soldiers.

Area 12

More Wired Gunners
There are several more wired gunners.

There is a heavy object throwing soldier here instead of a ball and chain.

Area 13

No Changes

Area 14

There is a spider in the first room.

Area 15

There is a spider in the second room.
You also need the 3-Way gun to get past the barrier.

Area 16

Don't Be Hasty
The Don't Be Hasty guy is an enemy soldier!

Area 17

In order to get the underground locations you have to hit the POW multiple times with your bionic arm! You can even shoot him! If you hit him with your arm 255 times he will tell you about a hidden section in Area 7.

There is an enemy commander here named Mack. He asks you if you are interested in a deal. Pick "no" and he says that's unfortunate, pick yes and he tells you about the helmet.

Area 18

No Changes

Area 19

No Changes

Meet With Enemy Changes

At the end of each combat area, one of your comrades is there to wave you to the helicopter. (Interesting that if you touch him, he hurts you!)

Enemy soldiers jump down from the ledges of the marsh.

The secret passages are rather difficult. There are more enemy soldiers, and the bionic soldiers are much faster.

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