Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando is an amazing action adventure game that puts you in the boots of a solider with a bionic arm. You are sent by the Federation to save a captured comrade from the evil Badds. Through the course of your battles you will get new weapons, armor, and items. You will face many enemies and traps. At the end you will face the vile leader of the enemy empire. This game is a masterpiece of gameplay, fun, music, and challenge. It make take you awhile to master the bionic arm, but once you do you'll love it. Old Site.


Boffering is a sport similar to fencing that involves sword combat as well as several other weapons. In fencing you wear padded armor to prevent injury from your weapon, in boffering the padding is on the weapon so armor is not required. Boffering has no standard set of rules because it is still quite unknown to the general public. Boffering's main purpose includes reenactment of historic battles and fitness. As you play the game you will learn a lot about historic warfare just from seeing how difficult it is to swing a weapon.

Castle Adventure

Castle Adventure is an old "rouge-like" game from 1985. It uses symbols from the ASCII table to simulate graphics. The plot is that you are trapped in a castle and you need to escape. To do this you have to explore the castle and collect items and treasure while killing dangerous monsters that lurk therein. To perform specific tasks you type simple commands like 'get book'. Despite its low technology, the game is quite challenging. This game is one of those nostalgia games that you hear early gamers talking about.


Contra is a great action platformer game with a war theme. You play the part of a solider who must shoot his way through eight stages of combat in order to destroy the heart of the Red Falcon, an alien monster trying to take over the Earth. This was one of the first games to allow multiple players simultaneously, which really added to the fun factor. Throughout the game you will acquire better weapons to defeat the alien threat like spray guns, flame throwers, and lasers. The game has tons of replay value and never seems to get old.

Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior is often hailed as the first RPG for console systems. It has become a standard that many other RPGs would copy off of. This is the first in a long line of sequels. Although technically not an amazing game, it is still fun to play and holds many memories for the people who played it. The story goes that the Dragonlord stole the 'ball of light' which kept the world in harmony. You are the last of a mighty hero's descendants and it is up to you to return the treasured item and restore peace to the land.

Dransik Classic

Dransik started as a hobby project from some Texas programmers and quickly turned into a very popular massive-multiplayer fantasy RPG. The classic version called Dransik used simple Ultima 5 style game-play. The more commercial version of the game is called Ashen Empires and it uses much more up to date graphics. Both versions have the same plot, which is the same as most MMRPGs, upgrade your character. The game becomes rather repetitive once you have figured it out.

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods is a isometric combat strategy game similar to the interface of Final Fantasy Tactics. However, unlike Final Fantasy Tactics, Icarus isn't in the least bit entertaining or impressive. The graphics are junk, the game play is dull, the power-ups are bland, and the story is liner and predictable. The only real nice thing about this game is its music which is rich and creative. In fact, the only reason I have a shrine to this game is because of it's beautiful music which you can download from the site.


LOOM is a very creative and unique adventure. Although the plot is very liner, it tells an amazing story as you progress through the game. The graphics are breath-taking, the music is beautiful, and the control is unique. Unlike many other adventure games, your player has no inventory. The world of LOOM is has several guilds, each having their own philosophies of the world. The only real downside of the game is how short it is. With the CD-ROM version, the game was given a massive facelift to 256 colors and digital speech for the entire game.

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is an amazing action RPG that puts you in a fantastic world where mana is the source of all life. Bad people have been using mana for technology and have begun to create all sorts of chaos. You are just a small town boy, but you become forced to take part in a grand story of saving the entire world. The game is very cartoony, and has very nice graphics and sound. It also allows you to play three players at once, which is amazing for an RPG. Through elemental magic you learn to cast many spells.

Section Z

Section Z is an older action adventure game. The plot is that your home world is being attacked by an evil alien force. Your are the lone surviving commando who can stop the invaders, and you must fight your way through sixty challenging sections. One of the great things about this game is that, unlike most action games, it is not liner. At the end of each section you must choose a path to another section which isn't always the right way to go. Although it can be frustrating, it really makes the game interesting.

The 7th Guest

This was an amazing breakthrough in multimedia for a computer game. It required a CD-ROM and a SVGA video card, both of which were not common when it was released. The game featured beautifully rendered graphics and full motion video. The horror theme comes from an old toy maker who invited six guests to his mansion to make a dark deal. You play a boy who was dared to enter the evil house and become the seventh guest. You must solve several complex puzzles to progress through the game.

Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge

One of Sierra's classic adventure games, Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge added complex puzzles and humorous dialogue to create a very fun game. Although you (Roger Wilco) were a hero at the end of the first game, your status has quickly dropped to janitor of a space station again. Right off the bat you are kidnapped by Vohaul and sent to be a slave on a distant planet. Using the arrow keys to move around, and by typing in basic commands like 'get athletic supporter', you work your way off the planet and try to get back home.

Swords of Glass

Swords of Glass is a very old game that uses CGA line-art to simulate a 3D dungeon. It's your typical dungeon crawl with a twist. It had surprisingly advanced features for its day including split-screen multiplayer (party or individual mode), and many other details like degrading weapons and armor, riddles, and many other things. The graphics left much to be desired and the game is devoid of music, and uses beeps for sound. However, because it is so basic, it can become habit forming for awhile.

Ultima 6: The False Prophet

In the RPG Ultima 6 you once again play the part of the Avatar for the last time in the second trilogy. This was the first Ultima that had 256 colors and it also had digital music. The game engine was much more advanced as well. It seems that when you took the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the bottom of the Stygian Abyss you caused a great underground earthquake. This destroyed much of the underworld where the gargoyles lived. The gargoyles have prophesized this, and think you are the one who must be killed.

Ultima 7: The Black Gate

Ultima 7: The Black Gate was my favorite Ultima game of the series. The plot is that a demonic entity known as the Guardian has entered the world of Britannia and has begun taking over it through several subtle plans, the most dangerous of which is the religion known as The Fellowship. You are the Avatar, the hero of the world. You move in-between Earth and Britannia trying to figure out reason behind a chain of ritualistic murders. This RPG has one of the most detailed worlds ever created in a computer game.

Ultima 7, Part 2: Serpent Isle

After finding out the truth behind the Fellowship and chasing Batlin across Britannia you finally corner him, only to have him disappear to a distant land. You follow him to the Serpent Isle which is an island you haven't been on since Ultima 1! Using the same game engine as The Black Gate, but with several improvements, you must fight your way through the icy land of the north. Many new challenges await the Avatar on this unforgiving continent. You're virtue must shine through as you track Batlin and the Guardian.

Ultima 8: Pagan

What better way to start Christmas than with a RPG called Pagan, featuring plenty of pentagrams and demons? The sequel has many advantages over the previous Ultimas, but just as many set backs. The new graphics engine was isometric, which looked great. The graphics were beautifully rendered and the music and speech were above par. However, countless bugs, no party, limited NPCs, and many other problems really hurt the game. Once again, you play the avatar trying to stop the Guardian, this time in the world of Pagan.


Wasteland is a post-apocalyptic game setting I created. It lends itself very well to both a video game and a pen and paper game. The theme is that the world was destroyed by a nuclear holocaust in 2064. The current year is 2201 and life is very hard for the people of the world. There are many rules and statistics created for the game to give a nice base to build on.

Yars' Revenge

In a distant galaxy a race of people who fly insect ships called Yars are being attacked by the evil Qotiles. You are the last remaining pilot and it's up to you to prevent your home world from being destroyed. Yars' Revenge is a great action game. You have to destroy the Qotile's barrier by chewing it to pieces and then you must shoot a bullet into the Qotile. However, a smart bomb constantly tries to kill you, and the Qotile turns into a dangerous swirl of fire. This is a non-stop action game that will keep you on your toes.