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The Bionic Commando Database


This world is a dangerous one. Basically anything that isn't an enemy, but complicates your mission is considered a hazard. These includes spikes, fire, pits, etc. Here is a quick reference list of them.


Name: Water
Location: Several areas
Description: Apparently, all the cool bionic gear has left you a bad swimmer. If you fall into the water, you die. Nuff said.


Name: Elevator
Location: Several areas
Description: Although they don't damage you by themselves, they do have a tendency to fall speedily towards the earth, killing you quite efficiently.


Name: Spikes
Location: Several Areas
Description: Spikes are all over the place. Unless you've become good with your bionic arm, you will probably land on them often. And at 3 damage a hit, you'll learn quickly to avoid them.


Name: Springs
Several areas
Description: Sometimes they allow you to reach certain areas. But more often, they create difficult claw-jump combos for you to master.


Name: Pits
Location: Several areas
Description: You can fall for quite a ways and not get hurt. But these pits are practically bottomless. Watch your step, and time your bionic arm just right, or you may fall victim to these.

Ball and Chain

Name: Ball and Chain
Location: Areas 5 and 12
Description: These huge balls of iron drop on the ground, and roll their your way towards you. You can kick them while swinging, but if you're on the ground they'll knock you back.


Name: Slime
Location: Areas 2 and 10
Description: The chemical testing created by warfare has led to an over abundance of toxic waste, which the Badds have been carelessly draining into deep pits. The slime, although it freely oozes along the floor, sticks to whatever it touches and drags it along with it. The slime cannot hurt you, but being sucked into a horribly deep pit can. Use your bionic claw to get out of it.


Name: Quicksand
Location: Area 3
Description: The only way past this stuff is to get waist deep, and use your bionic arm you get out. When you go in over your head, you're dead!

Man-Eating Plant

Name: Man-Eating Plant
Location: Area 3
Description: Area 3 is used for genetic testing of creating organic weapons. These giant plants hide in the grass and when you walk near, open up and try to eat you. They can swallow you whole, and kill you instantly.

Main System Gun

Name: Main System Gun
Location: Areas: 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
Description: As a last resort to trying to stop you from destroying the Main System, the Badds have installed a gun turret to it. It shoots three bullets at you in attempts to kill you, if the boss were destroyed.


Name: Barrier
Location: Areas 6, 7, and 15
Description: Barriers keep you out of where you're not supposed to be. You need special guns to get destroy them.

Spiked Ball

Name: Spiked Ball
Location: Area 6
Description: It pops up from pits, and if it hits you will often times knock you into the pit as well. Be careful.

Thrown Ball

Name: Thrown Ball
Location: Area 6
Description: Yuck! More spikes! While trapped in an area where you can rarely use your arm, these guys come rolling down. Watch out!

Mine Cart

Name: Mine Cart
Location: Area 9
Description: Mine carts are both good and bad. The good is that they allow you to ride them over spikes. The bad is, they crush you!


Name: Fire
Location: Area 11
Description: Fire is a horrible hazard, doing damage equal to that of spikes. You'll have to learn to swing cautiously over it or you'll become a crispy commando.

Electric Floor

Name: Electric Floor
Location: Area 12
Description: If you time yourself just right, you can avoid getting hit by these. Although they only do 1 point of damage, you have to go though a whole bunch of them before getting to a safe spot.

Power Core

Name: Power Core
Location: Area 12
Description: These beams are impenetrable. You need to destroy the main power cores to get past them. Keep your distance or they will cut you to ribbons.

Copyright 2002: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.