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This page obviously contains spoilers to the ending of Bionic Commando. Heck, this entire review of the game is a giant spoiler, so if you haven't yet played the game, get outta here! If you continue reading you'll never enjoy this awesome game the way you should. Well that's that; if you keep reading now, I won't feel bad!

Revival Device

After going through the door at the end of the difficult spike room with the low ceiling, you come into the resurrection chamber with Generalissimo Killt standing there looking all evil. He speaks to you...

Generalissimo Killt

Oh? The kid who was here before. I never thought I'd see you here. But you're too late. The Albatros has begun to move. Not necessary to wait for Master-D to revive. I've just cut off the switch for the revival device. Master-D will never rise again. Now, it's your turn to die...

Uh? What?!


Killt is struck by lightning from the revival device, and the strange man in the revival chamber sinks down and walks out. You recognize him as someone who should have stayed dead! He says:


You woke me from a long sleep. Now, I have no more use for you. I'll take over your army and rule the world.

What, you're going to fight against me? You damn fool.

If that's what you want, I'll show you the horror of the Albatros!

And a horror it is! Click on the image to see the entire thing.


After destroying the Albatros, Master-D will chicken out and try to run away. So you stay in hot pursuit. You lose track of him, but bump into your comrade Hal. How did he make it this far into the area? He talks to you:


I'm Hal. Master-D Is... Leaving. I won't last long. I take this bazooka. Go get him! Th...there is a chopper down here. Aim at the cockpit as you jump. You can do it!

Yup, that's what Hal said. After wondering what the heck he meant by all that, you did catch the words Master-D, Bazooka, and Cockpit. You pretty much put it together yourself as to what he really meant to say.

You come to a cliff and see a chopper beginning to take off. Now is your chance! You swing off the ledge, and take aim!

Killed Master-D

Your aim is true! As the bazooka shell enters the cockpit you shout:


Your number is up monster!

Master-D screams as the bazooka shell enters the cockpit and hits him square in the face as it explodes! (Awesome gore scene!)

Head Pop

With Master-D now a gooey puddle, you decide now would be a good time to leave. As you're walking out a mechanical voice sounds:

This base will explod in 60 seconds. Evacuate right away.

You start racing your way out of the base still wondering why the computer would say "explod" instead of "explode", but you have more important things to worry about now.

You keep moving as fast as possible, when all of the sudden one of your old friends is there to greet you.

Wired Soldier

It' too early to feel safe. I'll kill you here.

You wonder why he wouldn't say "It's" as opposed to "It'", but then he is just a stupid lackey. He tries to kill you, but you just prance on by him, not wanting to sit and let the base's destruction kill you. Finally you make it out!

Home Free

You've made it out just in time! You give yourself a pat on the back. But wait!


Is Joe still inside?

You race back into the base with mere seconds to find Joe. You see him at the bottom of the shaft you climbed out of...


What happened to the captain? We cannot wait any longer. We are going to escape now!


Please wait just a little longer... Hey, what's that!



But wait what happened? Did you make it? Is Joe safe? For a while all that is heard is the roaring explosion from the BADDS' former base. But as the sound dies down something else is heard. It sounds like... a helicopter?

Just Made It!

Saved Joe

This is Ladd, our mission is accomplished. Super Joe is safe. We are returning now.

You Win!

Battle has ended and we have a new hero now. I was feeling different as I received the blessings from comrades.

Now, so much time has elapsed and I'm old now, I think it's time for me to tell you the whole story. I hope this story will be told for a long time...

Joe's Signature


Oh man! What an ending! I love this game. From the beginning story to the ending story, this game delivers non-stop excitement. You can see why it's one of my favorites.

Copyright 2002: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.