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Areas in Detail

Another great thing about Bionic Commando is that you can play the levels in any order. This gives the game a more non-liner game style that many games lack. Here is a full descriptive list of every area, and how to get through them.

Area 1

Area 1 is a proving ground for you. It's pretty complex for a first level, but gives you a glimpse of some of the dangers you will be faced with as the game progresses. Take the Alpha communicator (red) with you. When you parachute into the area, you'll see that it hasn't even been finished being built yet! Be careful of the pitfalls and unfinished construction work. First, make your way to the top of the first building using your bionic arm, by pressing the A button. You will have to fight two red soldiers on your way up. You can shoot them by pressing B to shoot your gun. Be sure to pick up the bullet canisters that they drop. Once you get to the communications door, go into it, by standing in front of it and pressing up. You can be sure it's a communications door by the symbol above it. Inside you will see a gigantic communications satellite. Use the communicator by walking up to the middle of the comm room. Choose communicate, and listen to the message from your comrade. If you want you can wire tap the enemies communications as well. Be careful though! Sometimes the enemy is monitoring their lines, and will ambush you when you wiretap! Now leave the communications room, and jump across the river by latching your arm onto the light post. Once on the other side, so will see a new enemy, the rifle soldier. Shoot them when they stand, and quickly duck under their bullets. Fight your way up to the top of this building, and go into the open door. If the door is closed you will need to return to the communications tower, and communicate again. Once you enter the large building, you will see two shafts leading down. Take the one with the elevator for a safe descent, or if you're in a hurry just drop down the empty shaft and hope you can grab on to something. When you reach the second hallway to the right, take it to the door. There you will find another communications room. Listen to the guard there, and then go back to the elevator shaft. How nice, the elevator is gone. Swing across the shaft to the other side. There are several ways to enter the paratrooper zone. Once you see red soldiers falling from the sky, you know you're in the right spot. You will also see heavy soldiers who throw bombs and shoot rockets! Fight your way to the top left corner where you will see a door. This is the bosses room! You will see the first platoon ready and willing to slaughter you. If you can make it to the right edge, you will find the main generator. Blast it twenty times from the middle platform to destroy it. Congratulations you've beaten area 1! You will receive 10 extra bullets and Recovery Pills.

Area 2

The BADDS are indeed bad. This entire area is an underground waste dumping site for the nuclear and chemical testing. They are constantly dumping toxic waste into deep pits into the ground, burying them in forever. You parachute outside the entrance to the underground facility, right into enemy fire. Waste the bomber, and take out some of the parachute guys. This is a nice spot to build up a few hit points if you need them. Enter the building and you will be barraged by sticky toxic waste. The waste will make it's way down into a -very- deep pit, so it's imparitive that you use your arm and grab hold of something to keep from falling to your doom. Make you way up, past the waste pipes. You will have to get good at using the springs to jump and grab, which is tricky at first, but very helpful when you get used to it. You will see a dwarf soldier driving a large crane. The crane is protected by a heavy chain, so you have to time your attack when the chain is up. After destroying the crane, you still have to shoot the driver. Head over to your left, and you will see a communication room. Hope you brought your beta (green) communicator. Talk to your comrades and leave. You now have a tricky path over to the left side of the wall. Use your arm to swing over to the ledge, and make sure you don't fall! The spikes do three points of damage to you! After making it to the ledge, the battle is still no over. Another crane blocks your path. Do not take the first way down. Destroy the crane, and take the second pit. This will lead you to the Boss door. If you fall to far, you'll have to make your way back up, which is pretty hard to do this first time. The boss is the Second Platoon, which is the same as the first platoon, only with rifle soldiers added to the mix. Take out the main system and you will be rewarded with the Pendant. A very nice protective device, which will save you from the first bullet that comes your way.

Area 4

This area is fairly unimportant, but a fun area to play in. From the second communications room in area 1, you learn that area 4 is an arsenal. Maybe you can find a good weapon to use. You parachute outside of a large cavern. It is highly advised that you take the flare bombs with you, which you acquired in area 13. Without them you'll see a great deal of darkness. (If you want to prove you're a good player, you can try and beat this level without the flare bombs.) When you first enter the cave, you come across multiple spike pits. Carefully swing over them, until you see a knife-wielding soldier. Blast him away, and enter the communications room. Speak with your comrade and leave the room. Climb up a few floors, and make your way to the left. Be careful of all of the rifle soldiers here. Once near the top of the cavern, make your way to the right. Keep an eye out for the knife-wielding soldiers, because they run really quickly to try and impale you! You will have to make your way through a large open room with spikes at the bottom, so try not to fall! (There is a short-cut above this section, but harder to navigate through.) Whichever way you choose, you'll need to make it to the door at the very top right corner of the area. There you will find the boss door. The end boss is the bearded soldier, who is pretty easy to avoid, you don't even need to kill him. Blast the main system, and your reward will be the Wide-Cannon, and 10 bullets. Despite what your comrade said, this weapon sucks.

Area 5

This area used to be a fearful thing for me. I never wanted to have to play it, and insisted that my older brother play it for me. (I hadn't yet seen the horrors of area 6 yet.) Area 5 is a massively tall building that is still under construction. The sky has turned blood red as the sun begins to set. You parachute at the base of the structure. (Why couldn't the guys at HQ drop you at the top?) Slowly but surely, you begin you epic climb up the building. Rifle soldiers are your first opponent. You should be pretty familiar with them already, and easily make it past them. Further up you will encounter a couple ball and chains that seem to come loose at rather undesirable times. Although they can't hurt you, they can knock you off the building for a very long fall. Continue your way up until you find the communication room. Enter in and get some information from your comrades. When you leave the room, you'll see many flying copter soldiers with laser cannons. Hit them with your arm to knock these guys into shooting range and then blast them with your gun. At this point you'll also see the fixed laser turrets which knock away your arm, and can hurt you badly if your timing is off. Quickly, get past them and make it to the next door. Get some more information in the communication room, and leave. Now, in the most difficult climb you've done so far, the enemy is parachuting down on you. Watch your timing, and use the springs to bounce your way into reach of the higher platforms. Eventually, you will make it to the top room. Luckily, the enemy is an easy one. It's the Pi Pi Pi robot. Shoot him from the center platform, or just run under him. Either way destroy the main system, and you'll be rewarded with the best gun in the game, the rocket launcher!

Area 13

This is more often than not your first neutral zone. You can tell it is because on the map it's displayed as white lettering with red background, as opposed to combat areas which are red on white. Make sure that once you pass the white guard at the front that you refrain from shooting your weapons, or you will be attacked by the neutral zone guards. So enter in. You will see your arch enemy Generalissimo Kilt. He will ramble some annoying words at you. Enter into the first door, lo and behold, there is a bullet canister here to take. Grab it, and leave. Swing over to the next side of the neutral zone, and you will see a fellow solider, who is going to give you some flare bombs. Enter the room, and you will see the flares on the other side of the spikes. Your fellow soldiers have put it there on purpose, because they know that only you are clever enough to get it. How do you get it? Simple! Walk up to the spikes, duck by holding down, and then throw your bionic arm at it. You will grab it and pull it to you. Remember this trick, for you will need it many times throughout your life. Remember to take the flare bombs with you to area 4 or you will have a hard time finding your way through the darkened tunnels. Now simply leave this room, and continue out of the neutral zone.

Area 15

This area is another neutral zone. As you make your way to the first room, Generalissimo Killt, and his body guard will confront you. They will make rather snide remarks to you, but this being a neutral zone, you'll just have to grin and bear it. *jerk* Enter the first room. Horary, you will find a 1up for your life saving pleasure. As you move over to the next room, your way will be blocked by a barrier. To get past it, you'll have to break a cardinal law of the neutral zone. You'll have to fire your weapon! (There is another way by it, but it's hard to do.) Upon firing your weapon, the barrier will disappear, and swarms of guards will reappear. Make your way past the wave of guards, and enter the second room. On the high left shelf lies the gamma communicator. However, it's out of your reach! Get on top of the middle platform, and use your bionic arm to grab the communicator. When you leave the room, the guards will attack again. Now would be a good time to use the A+B+Start combo to call your buddies to pick you up.

The remaining areas will be added eventually...

Copyright 2002: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.