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The Game


Intro Music in MIDI
Digitally Recorded Music

Point List
Pressing "C" button on watch1
Entering the airlock chamber1
Change clothes1
Get athletic supporter1
Get cubix rube puzzle1
Get kidnapped5
Get keycard3
Turn off homing device1
Hide from guard5
Free pink alien5
Get spore4
Survive root monster both times4
Get berries4
Mail order form2
Get whistle2
Rub berries on self3
Hold breath first time2
Enter cavern under swamp2
Get gem3
Hold breath second time2
Climb dead tree4
Throw spore at hunter5
Get key2
Get rope2
Tie rope to log2
Swing on rope2
Jump to ledge5
Hold gem in cave2
Retrieve gem after dropping it1
Say 'the word' to pink natives2
Survive maze20
Get sucked into whirlpool5
Blow whistle5
Throw cubix rube to terror beast10
Get rock2
Sling rock at guard20
Open elevator5
Leave Labion20
Get plunger1
Get glass cutter1
Get toilet paper1
Get wastepaper basket1
Get lighter1
Hang on to plunger10
Survive acid trap10
Put toilet paper in basket1
Drop basket1
Start fire10
Use glass cutter5
Kill Vohaul10
Stop clones10
Get oxygen mask2
Enter escape pod10
Enter sleep chamber10

At anytime during the game you can type CHEAT to see an interesting ending. Just be sure you save first. You even get 255 out of 250 points!


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