Janitors Rule!
The Game


The following is a complete walkthrough of the entire game, covering every room, every puzzle, and how to beat the game. It goes without saying that the following text is a big list of spoilers. (Makes you wonder why I said it, doesn't it?)

We begin after the introduction and learn that you're, once more, a janitor. Hot-Dog!

Space Dock

There you are sweeping the outer decks of the Xenon Orbital Station #4. Your watch begins to beep,and you drop your broom. Darn. Type LOOK WATCH to get a closer look at it.

Communicator Watch

You'll notice the C button is blinking. Type PRESS C. Your very charming boss will cheerfully give you another task of cleaning up some nice fun vomit. Press F10 to leave the watch view and walk your way up to the red circle on top. This will take you into the locker room.

Locker Room

Walk over to your suit hanging on the wall and type CHANGE SUIT. You will switch back into your normal clothes. In your pocket you now carry with you an order form. Walk over to your locker (The one in the middle) and type OPEN LOCKER. The locker will open. There are two things in the locker, your athletic supporter and your cubix rube puzzle. You can get both by simply typing GET ALL. For an added bonus type GET CONDOM and read the response. Close you locker and leave through the blue door. You will enter the control room.

Control Room

Your boss is as happy as ever and threatens to fire you. Oh joy. Walk over to the yellow and black striped platform and stand on it. It will rise and move you up to the next level. Walk to the pod and enter it. You will be whisked away to the landing bay where the ship resides.

Landing Bay

Make your way into the shuttle. You will then have much of your body severely damaged by several of the ships occupants. Consciousness will take a vacation and you'll eventually awake in an unfamiliar setting.


It seems Vohaul isn't too thrilled at the mess you made back in Space Quest 1. As it was he who was the mastermind behind the theft. As it seems he has another diabolical plan in which he will send thousands of Insurance Salesmen clones to Earth. Freaky. He then mockingly laughs at you and sends you the planet of Labion to work in the orium mines. (Note: Labion is an anagram of Albino)

Meteor Base

You land on the planet and are put onto a small flying disc. Two very non-friendly ape-men act as your guards.

Landing Pad

You being to move along...


Sadly for the three of you, it seems that the fuel in the flying disc has not been replenished since its last use. Gravity proves that it does indeed exist and pulls you toward the surface of the planet. Through sheer luck the guard breaks your fall and the fall breaks the guards.

Crash Landing

There is an annoying beeping emitting from the ship. By looking at the wreckage you'll notice there is a beeping button in the craft. Type PRESS BUTTON to turn it off. Walk over to one of the fallen guards and type SEARCH GUARD. He carries a key card on his body. Type GET KEYCARD. You may notice a pink native creature jumping from behind a bush. You'll see him later. Watch your step around this area because there is a pit trap hidden in the ground.

The area to the right contains three large purple mushrooms. This room is just a trap as nothing can be accomplished here except death.


To the north of the crash site you will come across another part of the jungle. Two things will happen here when you stay here for awhile. The first is the sound of a twang and a high pitched shriek. After that, a different sound. One of a hovercraft! Quickly take cover behind a tree and another ape guard will fly by. Now, back to that shriek. Walk to the eastern room below the large rock.


You will see a strange pink creature caught by the leg in a snare. You being a good Samaritan, type FREE CREATURE, and watch as it runs away through a small hole in the bushes.

Large Tree

Return the way you came to the room with the two big trees. Follow the upper path to the west and you'll find yourself on a plateau. Sitting next to you is mailbox. Remember that order form in your pocket? Now would be a good time to mail it by walking up to the mail box and typing MAIL FORM. The mailbox will beep and buzz and eventually your Labion Terror Beast whistle will fall into the chute. Type GET WHISTLE to pick it up. Then, make your way down to the little blue plants on the ground. Don't get too close or you will experience interesting effects. Type GET SPORE to pick one up. Now make your way to the area to the north.


Here you will see a huge root monster with its tentacles all over the place. Behind him are several berry bushes. You may notice the little pink creature picking some of the berries. Obviously you need berries! To get them I suggest setting the speed of the game to Slow and saving every ten steps or so. If you touch one of the tentacles you become dinner for the beast. Once you make it to the berries type PICK BERRIES to get them. You will pick a small handful. The only way out of this area is the slow and long hike back through the tentacles. Doh!

Root Beast

Return to the place with the two large trees. Take the north eastern path to the swamp. You will see the pink creature doing something odd. Type LOOK CREATURE and you will find that he is rubbing something all over his body. Well lets put two and two together and assume that he's putting berries on his skin. When in Rome type RUB BERRIES ON BODY and do as the natives do. Make your way through the swamp.

Swamp Entrance

Usually, around this time, the swamp beast will grab your leg and attempt to eat you. Luckily, you are now covered in disgusting berries making him cough you right up. Near the northern section of the swamp you will find a small area that is much deeper than the rest. This would be a good time to go exploring. First, however, it would be a good idea to type HOLD BREATH so we don't suffocate by inhaling swamp water. If you miss this part of the game you cannot win! (A slight flaw in the game.)


Make your way through the under water cavern to the left side. Swim quickly because you can't hold your breath forever.

Under Swamp

In the underground cave you see a large glowing gem of orium. Type GET GEM and get back into the water. Type HOLD BREATH and swim your way back to the surface of the swamp. Continue walking to the east until you leave the swamp.

Underground Cave

Continue walking further until you come across a large chasm.

End of Swamp

The chasm is huge and puts a large gap in between you and the other side. Since there is nowhere else to go you obviously have to get across. You are axeless and not strong enough to push the rotted stump over. Why not just climb it by typing CLIMB TREE? You make it halfway up until it cracks and breaks making a nice bridge for the chasm. Smooth. Shimmy your way to the other side and continue east.


Well it looks like we continue east some more. Start walking and you'll get trapped in a snare! Darn. Maybe a little pink creature will come and save you. Doubtful. You eventually lose consciousness, again, and awake in a sturdy cage. Bummer.


A large hunter sits on a rock tending to a fire and he doesn't seem friendly. This is where we get clever. You may want to slow down the game speed. Type TALK TO MAN and he will ignore you. Type TALK TO MAN again and this time he will begin walking over to you. As soon as he nears the cage door, quickly type THROW SPORE AT MAN and he will breathe the gas and become paralyzed. Type SEARCH MAN and you'll find a key. Type GET KEY to pick it up. Type UNLOCK cage. Huzzah the key works! Type OPEN DOOR and walk over to the rope. Type GET ROPE, and quickly run to the north.


From the edge of the cliff you can see the landing pad in the distance. A ship will take off from it. Stay near the lower section of the area or some ape-men on hovercrafts will blast you into dust. Walk to the west.


You will find yourself back where you had sprung the trap earlier. Continue west to the chasm. Walk over to the log and type CRAWL ON LOG. Make your way to the middle and type TIE ROPE TO LOG. Type CLIMB ROPE to get on it and make your way down the rope. You'll find that the rope doesn't make it all the way to the bottom, but it does allow you to see an cave opening (And a huge bear/gorilla beast). Climb your way to the bottom of the rope and type SWING ROPE. You will begin to swing. Slowly, you'll get closer and closer to the cave mouth and the beast's mouth. Soon the big beast will start to snatch at you. After he fails for the third time you'll want to jump by pressing F6.


Make your way over to the cave and enter it. Everything is dark. Type HOLD GEM to shed some light on the cave. (Yes, I know I'm missing a screenshot of this room. Sue me.) If you don't hold the gem you'll get eaten by the dreaded Cave Beaver! At the end of the tunnel you'll take a nasty fall and find yourself ditched at the bottom of the chasm. You will see a bunch of those little pink creatures and they tell you to follow them. Before you do make sure to remember to type GET GEM next to the gem you dropped. (If you didn't save the poor pink guy his friends will pelt you with stones!)

Bottom of Chasm

Following the natives south takes you to their home. You are told by the chief that they will let you out when you're ready just say the word to the pink guys. Then he takes off. Walk over to the two pink guys and type SAY THE WORD to get by. (Clever isn't it?)

Native Home

Everything is totally dark. At this point you need to see. Because you're on a ladder your hands are tied so the only way to see is to type PUT GEM IN MOUTH. This will allow you to see a small area of the cave. The area is pretty much a maze which may take you awhile to find your way through. For added fun there is a cave squid running around trying to kill you. Lovely, isn't it? (I'll create a map soon!) When you finally make it out of the maze you'll find yourself in a subterranean cavern. Hop into the water and swim to the east.

Subterrainien Cavern

You will notice the river forks left and right. It is to your advantage to take the path to the right or else painful death will be your result.

River Fork

If you didn't listen to me and took the left fork, you'll see this before you die.


Ah, you followed instructions properly. You slowly be surely get sucked into the whirlpool.


And like a huge glob of spit you're jetted out of the weird guy's mouth. What a fun adventure this has turned out to be! Take a walk east.


Here you come across a dead end. It seems like it's all over now because you are incapable of climbing a five foot tall rock. So I guess you'll just have to die. While crying you notice how acoustic this part of the jungle is. So you decide now would be a good time to use your whistle. Get into the middle of the land area and type BLOW WHISTLE. Unless you want to become dust I suggest you quickly get back into the water about now. The horrible Labion Terror Beast will break its way through the stone and try and kill you. Staying in the water will keep you alive. Now this beast looks awfully bored. Type THROW PUZZLE and give the beast something to do. (A second way to get by the beast is to simply walk back to the west and then return. The beast will be gone.) Now that he's all occupied, go over the the hole he created. Type GET STONE to pick up one of the rocks and head north.

Dead end

You are now at the base of the landing pad that you first arrived on long ago. A well-armed guard walks back and forth in between the two columns. You must dispatch him. There are several ways to do this, but the way that give you the highest score is to type THROW ROCK AT GUARD WITH SUPPORTER. He will drop like a bird that just inhaled ether. (Another way past the guard is to type THROW ROCK. The guard will leave his post to investigate and you can get past him then.) If you forgot to get the key card from the guard at the beginning you can get it from the guard now. (If you already have the card he won't have one.) Walk over to the door on the platform column and type INSERT KEYCARD. The elevator door will open. Walk into it and you will be taken to the top of the landing pad where you first came to this forsaken planet.

Base of Landing Pad

You will see a transport ship in the middle of the landing pad. Walk to the back of the ship and type ENTER SHUTTLE.

Landing Pad

Here we see good old you sitting in the cockpit of the transport shuttle. There are plenty of fun dials, buttons, and knobs to play with, but it's to your advantage to do the following. Type PUSH POWER to turn the ship on. Then type TURN DIAL to adjust the attitude control to vertical. Then type PRESS ASCENT to engage the thrusters. Type LOOK MONITOR to get a close up view of the display.


This is how the monitor should look before you try to take off. Press ENTER to get back to the cockpit view, and press the down arrow button to ascend. (Note, use your keyboard at home, not the one in the game!) Eventually, you'll leave the planet's atmosphere.


Once in space type TURN DIAL so that you are in horizontal attitude and move your ship forward by pressing up. Soon, Vohual will engage his tractor beam, sucking you into his meteor base.

Meteor Base

Ship Landing

When you land you will automatically step out of the shuttle. There are three ways to go I suggest walking left first.

Left Elevator

Upon walking left you'll notice a small alcove. Walk your way over to it and type LOOK AROUND. You'll notice a panel in the alcove. Type LOOK PANEL and you'll find that is has several numbered buttons. Type PRESS THREE to go to the third floor. (There is no floor 2 for some reason!)

Inside Elevator

You'll find yourself descending into the ship.

Inside Elevator

Now on the third floor step out of the elevator and begin walking east. If you see a floor polisher quickly turn around and make your way back into the elevator before you get squished.

Floor 3

The next room is empty... keep walking.

Floor 3

Same as before.

Floor 3

This room has a door in it. Walk over to the button next to it and type PUSH BUTTON to open the door. Walk into the room and type LOOK AROUND. You notice that you have entered a janitors closet. Ah, nostalgia! Type GET PLUNGER and then leave the room and continue east.

Floor 3

More of nothing, keep walking.

Floor 3

You now approach another elevator. Walk in it and type PRESS FOUR to get to the next floor.

Floor 3

You are now on floor 4. Start walking west this time.

Floor 4

Keep moving...

Floor 4

Another room. Get to the button type PRESS BUTTON, and walk in. Type LOOK AROUND and you'll notice a glass cutter. Type GET GLASS CUTTER to pick it up, leave the closet, and continue walking west.

Floor 4

The next room is obviously the entrance to a bathroom. Walk over to the door of your choice and go in.

Bathroom Entrance

You may notice from the bathroom that both doors lead to the same room. Lovely. Walk over to the empty stall and type OPEN DOOR. Walk in and type LOOK AROUND. You'll notice the toilet paper in the stall. Type GET PAPER to pick some up. Leave the bathroom and head west again.


Keep moving... nothing to see here.

Floor 4

Make your way into the elevator and type PRESS FIVE to get to the fifth floor.

Floor 4

Now on the fifth floor begin making your way east.

Floor 5

Feel free to hum to yourself as you walk...

Floor 5

Keep your distance from the caged beast or it will clock you. Walk to the door and type PUSH BUTTON. Walk in and type LOOK AROUND and you'll see a waste basket and some overalls. Type GET BASKET, then type GET OVERALLS. The overalls will fall apart but something will fall from the pocket. Type LOOK AROUND again and you'll see that it was a lighter. Type GET LIGHTER to pick it up and then leave the closet. At this point you can go back west to the elevator to skip the alien but what fun is that? Keep moving east!

Floor 5

The cell door begins to open! And a hideous alien (that surprisingly resembles the aliens from the movie Alien only with more lipstick) comes out! Don't let it catch you or it will give you one horrible French kiss (Which later results in your extremely painful death). Anyway, run to the east.

Floor 5

Keep on trucking...

Floor 5

Quickly get into the elevator and type PRESS ONE. (You may want to slow down the speed to get a better chance.)

Floor 5

And ta-dah we're back on the top. Walk east to the place where you originally landed and then move south down the steps.

Elevator East

You will now find yourself in a very ingenious trap. When you enter the hallway the door behind you shuts. Walk left and a huge barrier erects itself in front of you. Walk right and another one does the same. You are now trapped in the small area. As if this weren't enough the floor starts sliding out from under you to reveal a nice vat of acid. Lovely. Now is the time to use the old bean. Walk to the western barrier and wait for the floor to get close to killing you, then type STICK PLUNGER ON WALL. You will attach the plunger to the wall and hold on for dear life. Once the floor finishes opening it will close back. Type LET GO to drop back to the floor and the trap will open. Congratulations!

Trap Room

Walking to the west will prove that the room is nothing but a dead end full of red killer robots of death. Quickly go back east to get to safety. Now would be a good time to kill off those pesky robots. To do that type PUT PAPER IN BASKET. Then, type DROP BASKET and you'll put it on the floor in front of you. Then, type LIGHT PAPER and you will start a nice fire in the hallway. The smoke from the fire will cause the sprinkler system to go off and short circuit all the robots. Huzzah! It's now safe to make your way to the east.

Dead End

Nothing here except dead robots and a door. Go through the door.

Dead Robots

Well, well, well. It's our old friend Sludge! Walk up the stairs to him and he will use his miniaturization ray on you and place you in a glass jar.

Sludge's Control Room

Well this sucks doesn't it? No worries though we have our trusty glass cutter with us! Type USE GLASS CUTTER when you are near the front wall and you will cut a nice big hole in it. Make your way over to the vent and type CLIMB IN VENT.

Glass Jar

Walk to the red button behind the pump, and type PUSH BUTTON to shut off poor Sludge's life support system. (Heh-heh) Another Vohaul bites the dust. Walk back to the vent and type CLIMB OUT VENT. Once back on the counter make your way to the western part of the counter.

Inside Computer

Walk over to the power switch in the back and type PULL SWITCH to turn the computer back on. The monitor will ask if you want to reduce or enlarge. Walk over to the keyboard and type TYPE ENLARGE. Then walk back over to the glass jar and walk into the beam. You will be made big again. How sweet. You will now see Vohaul's fat corpse on the ground. Walk over to him and type SEARCH BODY and you'll find a piece of paper with the letters SHSR on it. You will also notice a flashing monitor in the back. Type LOOK SCREEN to view it. The monitor will say that the clone launch has been activated and you need a password to stop it. Hmm what ever could the password be? Type SHSR to stop the launch. Now make your way up the stairs to the next room.


You have now entered a glass tube hallway. There is a small box right near the beginning. Type OPEN BOX and you will get the oxygen mask that is in it. Type WEAR MASK or you'll be sorry later. Follow the tube.

Outside Tube

Continue along the tube. When you get near the end the glass will crack. As long as you are wearing the mask you're okay. Continue along the hallway.

Still Outside Tube

About this time you learn that meteor base is degrading in it's orbit and will be blown to tiny bits in a few minutes. Touching. Take a walk west.

Back Inside

Keep walking.


Yadda, yadda, yadda.


Here we see the lovely Marrow-o-Matic. Capable of ripping your skin clean from your body in less than a second. Ain't it cute? Walk up to the first button and type PUSH BUTTON. This will open the pod door but the Marrow-o-Matic will get too close for you to actually get in. Quickly run back east four rooms. The Marrow-o-Matic will follow.

Escape Pods

Once you reach the end of the hall the Marrow-o-Matic will stop its pursuit and return back to the escape pod room. You should also do the same thing.

End of the Hall

Go west 4 rooms until you see it again. This time type ENTER POD when you get near the open door. Once inside the Marrow-o-Matic will leave you alone. Type LOOK AROUND and you'll see the launch button. Type PRESS LAUNCH BUTTON and you will take off!


You will now find yourself in the escape pod hurling through space with no destination what-so-ever. Luckily you have plenty of air. About this time the computer cheerfully chimes in and tells you that you're running out of air. Darn. Type LOOK AROUND. You'll see a sleep chamber on the right side of the ship. Walk over to it and type OPEN CHAMBER. The door will open. Type ENTER CHAMBER. You are now in suspended animation until someone or something picks up your space ship. Could take millions of years could be the next day. Who knows.


You have now beaten Space Quest 2. Now give me applause because I helped you so much.

You Win!

© Copyright 2002-2003: Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved.