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The Game

The Game

Space Quest 2: Title Screen

Space Quest 2 was obviously the Sequel to Space Quest. It was made using Sierra's own computer language, AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter). This was the same language that made King's Quest 1-3, Space Quest 1, and Police Quest 1. It was a 16 color, low resolution environment, that allowed for very customized scripts and code to be put into the game.


The game play is fairly basic. The arrow keys move you around and you typed commands to do stuff. You can save and restore your game at almost any time. You are scored on how well you handle the different situations you are put in through the adventure. Some of the situations have different ways of dealing with them others can be skipped entirely.

Game Title

Space Quest 2 takes place right after Space Quest 1.

Story so far...

Story so far...

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