Janitors Rule!
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Space Quest is an adventure games series published by Serria. There were many great titles that carried the 'Quest' name. King's Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, and of course Space Quest. Even though these games were all programmed using the same languages and shared many similarities each was unique in its own right.

This particular web page is devoted to the great game: Space Quest 2. Why Space Quest 2 you may ask. I'm glad you asked. The answer my friend is that Space Quest 2 is the only game in the Space Quest series that I've beaten. I've almost finished Space Quest 1, but I've rather given up on it (maybe later). Space Quest 2, on the other hand, I've beaten several times. Also, Space Quest 2 has great nostalgic value to me because it one was one of the first computer games I ever played.

Janitors Rule! is my shrine to this game I remember playing from the days of yore. Back when Sierra Adventure games ruled the market. Sadly, the epic stories of yester-year have all been replaced with generic 3D shooters, but to prove that these great games did in fact exist, I've created this shrine.

Last Updated: 07/28/2003

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