Janitors Rule!
The Game


Picture Name
Dialect Translator Dialect Translator - You picked this item up in the first Space Quest game. This item is always with you. It allows you to understand the languages of all the alien creatures that you will come across.
Order Form Order Form - As luck would have it, you just so happen to have an order form for a FREE Labion Terror Beast Whistle! Yee-ha!
Cubix Rube Cubix Rube - Much like the olden days Rubix Cube, its a brain stumper of a puzzle. Good luck!
Supporter Supporter - Just what the doctor ordered for keeping your bits and pieces intact.
Key Card Key Card - A small magnetized key card for allowing entrance to certain areas. (I little out of date for a sci-fi game, but I'll let it slide.
Whistle Whistle - A whistle to call Labion Terror Beasts. Everyone should have one!
Spore Spore - A nice plant that is native to Labion. It releases a cloud of spores, that paralyze anyone who breathes them.
Berries Berries - Just your average everyday poison berries. Don't eat them unless you're trying to kill yourself.
Gem Gem - A huge chuck of glowing oreim. High quality goods.
Key Key - A standard primitive key to a lock. My great, great, great, great grandfather used these!
Rope Rope - A length of rope made from plant matter.
Stone Stone - Does this really need a description? Well if so... It's a mineral compressed together into a solid shape.
Glass Cutter Glass Cutter - It cuts glass. Duh.
Lighter Lighter - One of those old butane lighters. A spark mixes with combustible fuel, causing fire. Why this exists in a futuristic game is beyond me.
Toilet Paper Toilet Paper - That stuff that cleans your ... you know ... after you do your business. Look, I'm not going to explain this anymore.
Plunger Plunger - A janitor's tool of the trade. Used for it's great suction abilities. Boy do these things suck!
Waste Basket Waste Basket - A basket. That holds waste. Wow.
Oxygen Mask Oxygen Mask - Allows you to breathe in places you normally couldn't. Good for preventing death.

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