Grey's Anatomy Quiz

Which Grey's Anatomy doctor are you most like?

You know what I hate? Online quizzes that suck. Quizzes where you can tell who you're going to end up with just by looking at the questions. I don't want to take a Grey's quiz that asks me if I prefer heart surgery over brain surgery. Don't ask me if I'm Irish, Korean, or Latino--that has nothing to do with my personality. This Grey's Anatomy quiz is a reaction to all those lame quizzes that don't do a very good job of judging your character. Also, this quiz will measure your psychology against the all of the doctors from the season 3 cast of Grey's, not just the interns.


1.) How important is work to you?

I don't mind a little over time.

I'd cancel a date if my work needed me.

2.) On which date is it appropriate to have sex?

Maybe the tenth or so.

Never before the third.

There's nothing wrong with sex on the first date.

Why waste time on a date?

3.) How do you act when you're drunk?

I become the life of the party.

I become a total slut.

I'm able to control my drinking.

4.) How much leeway do you give to the ignorant?

Life is way too short to talk to morons unless I'm forced to.

A little understanding is helpful, not everyone is a genius.

A person's intellect should not affect how they're treated.

5.) How confrontational are you?

I'll get right in your face and tell you how it is.

Not very much, but I stand up for the things I really believe in.

6.) How good are you at talking to total strangers?

I'd rather just ignore them, thank you.

I can be presentable if I need to be.

I'm perfectly capable at being social.

I often start conversations with total strangers.

7.) How many friends do you have?

Just my tight knit group.

I'd say I have the average amount of friends.

I'm a social butterfly, everyone is my friend.

8.) How clean is your living space?

Just try and find dust, I dare you.

It's pretty average.

Sometimes garbage men confuse my place for the city's dump.

9.) When it comes to relationships, are you a cheater?

I can't be expected to be faithful -all- the time.

Okay, maybe once, but I'm not too proud of it.

Never have, never will. I know where to draw the line.

10.) Would you ever sleep with someone who was already in a committed relationship?

And be a slutty mistress? Seriously!

Well... yeah. It happens.

11.) When it comes to competition, which is more important?

Doing your best.


12.) Are you genuinely cheerful?

I like to think so, yes.

There are more important things to worry about.

13.) Are you an approachable person?

If you replace approachable with intimidating, then sure!

I don't frighten children, but I don't have people asking advice either.

People often seek me out to talk to me.

14.) What kind of results do you expect when you lay down your charm?

You'll either love me or want to kill me.

All I have to do is smile and the opposite sex will swoon (and a few of the same sex too)!

I have a unique charm that some find very refreshing.

Life's too short for charm.

15.) Do you manipulate people to get what you want?

Sometimes it's necessary to convince people to be on your side.

I'd rather people use their own brains to figure things out.

Gossip doesn't just occur by itself you know, it needs to be taken from people.

16.) Is it alright to break the rules?

No. That's why they're called rules.

Only if nobody will notice.

Only if you're willing to face up to the consequences.

Only if it's for something really important.

Only if it's for my own personal gain.

17.) How well do you relate to your parents?

As well as can be expected.

They were never really there for me.

My parent's are loving and caring almost to a fault.

They just don't understand me, and probably never will.

18.) Are you a good decision maker?

I often ask other people to make up my mind for me.

I can usually make up my mind, but I have to think about the problem for awhile.

Yes, I weigh the choices and make a decision without wasting time.

19.) Are you good at being honest even though you may hurt someone's feelings?

I usually try to avoid those types of situations and when I can't I try to lie to spare the person's feelings.

I try to be honest, but I usually end up sugar-coating what needs to be said.

If you want a straight answer come to me. I'm brutally honest, but that's the best way to deal with it.

20.) Ignoring the standards you set for yourself, how high are the standards you set for other people?

People should be allowed to set their own standard to live by, and I respect that.

My standards are a little tough to reach, but my true friends are always able to meet them.

I may not like to admit it, but I have such high standards that few people can ever hope to live up to them.


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