Other People's Quizzes

Ultima Personality Test

(5 Compassion, 15 Love)

Belief-O-Matic, which religion are you?

(Secular Humanism, 100%)

Where do you stand on the political compass?

(Economic: Left 6.12, Social: Libertarian 6.77)

What D&D Character Are You?

(Chaotic-Good Elf Ranger / Druid)

Dante's Inferno Test

(Level 2, Hell for the Lustful. Obviously)

Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Are You?


Which Star Trek Species Are You?


Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

(Rational NT - Very rare)

The Sparks Personality Test

(JUDGE 3% Dominant Introvert Concrete Thinker)

How Evil Are You?

(38.5% Somewhat Evil)

Candy Bar Identification Quiz


Mad Scientist Exam

(44% Somewhat Mad)

Which OS are you?

(Amiga OS 3.5)

The Queen Purity Test!

(56.6% queen corrupt)

Renaissance Faire Purity Test

(47.1% FaireFolk corrupt: A Turkey with Dressing)

Geek Purity Test

(43.4% geek corrupt)

The Nerd Test

(53.0% nerd corrupt)

The Kingdomality Test

(The Prime Minister)

How grammatically sound are you?


What order of angel are you?


Describe yourself in song titles



Loads of quizzes.

Tons of trivia tests on-line.

World geography quiz.

Lots of personality tests.

A massive list of online purity tests.