Yourself or Someone Like You

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CD cover.

Yourself or Someone Like You is the debut studio album of Matchbox 20 released on 1996-10-01. The songs are mostly alternative rock with a little post-grunge and the themes cover relationships, breakups, disillusionment, and escape.


When Matchbox 20 first came out, I assumed from the number in their name, they were a boy band, and teased my friend Eric for liking them. Only later did I find out that they were an alternative rock group, and I had enjoyed some their songs on the radio. After I found that out, I downloaded and enjoyed a bunch more of their songs, then bought a few of their albums. This one ended up being my favorite.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

Track Title Composer Vocals Rank Rating
1 Real World Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 2 Rating-7.svg
2 Long Day Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 8 Rating-0.svg
3 3 AM John Leslie Goff, John Joseph Stanley, Rob Thomas, Brian Yale Rob Thomas 1 Rating-7.svg
4 Push Matt Serletic, Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 3 Rating-6.svg
5 Girl Like That Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 5 Rating-5.svg
6 Back 2 Good Matt Serletic, Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 6 Rating-5.svg
7 Damn Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 9 Rating-0.svg
8 Argue Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 10 Rating-0.svg
9 Kody Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 11 Rating-0.svg
10 Busted Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 12 Rating-0.svg
11 Shame Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 7 Rating-4.svg
12 Hang Rob Thomas Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook 4 Rating-5.svg

The album's total score is 216.



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