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North American Game Gear box.

X-Men: Mojo World is a video game developed and published by Sega of America for the Game Gear and later ported to the Master System. Although it is an officially-licensed X-Men title by Marvel, the game is not based on the series canon. Depending on which characters you play, the game can be both a beat 'em up and a platform shooter.

In the game, Mojo is trying to get better ratings in Mojo World by televising an epic battle between the X-Men and their supervillains. You must work your way through six stages defeating the bosses and finally Mojo himself.

I played this game to try and expand my familiarity with the Master System catalog. I was disappointed.


I don't own the game, but I beat the Master System port on Maniac difficulty on 2019-09-09.


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Best Version: 22%

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game gives you five playable characters from the X-Men series, which is pretty nice.
  • The Game Gear graphics are adequate for the console, though quite dated by 1996.


  • The music is dull and repetitive.
  • The five different characters are essentially identical except for their mutant abilities. This is a bit of let-down.
  • The controls are pretty clunky. It's difficult to predict when you're going to make a jump.
  • The title screen is terrible.


  • The game is far too short. An amateur can beat it in under half an hour, and an expert can beat it about 15 minutes.
  • Enemy interaction is pretty terrible. Many of the enemy projectiles can't be avoided, you just have to mash the attack button while taking hits from them until they die. To counteract this, the designers littered the maps with health bonuses. You can't tell when you're even hitting an enemy, they don't flicker or get knocked back.
  • No skill is necessary for any of the bosses. You just mash attack until they die. As long as you enter the battle with about half your health or more, you'll kill them before they kill you.
  • The Master System port is terrible. The graphics and sound were poorly converted, which is strange considering the platforms have such similar hardware. Without the start button, turning on and off your mutant ability is used by pressing both A and B at the same time, which means you'll frequently toggle it by mistake when you perform a jump attack.


Box Art

All regions and platforms use this box. It's decent enough for the game, but not up to Marvel's standard.




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