Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times a Day?

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Album cover.

Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times a Day? is an extended play album by Hello Saferide published on 2006-06-14. The songs are twee pop dealing with Annika Norlin's various neuroses and relationships with men. The title, I presume, is based on how some people (including yours truly) will often play an album on repeat numerous times a day for days on end, causing everyone around them to grow to hate the album. A question which seems like it fits into the EP's first song, The Quiz.


After I started liking the band, I began searching for more of their music. I saw the music video for 2006 and loved it, so I wanted to buy the album. After seeing that later versions of Introducing... Hello Saferide include the songs from this EP, I bought it and both together as a compilation.

Although I don't own this EP, I own all the songs on it from my expanded copy of Introducing... Hello Saferide.

Track Listing

All songs and lyrics are composed by Annika Norlin.

Track Title Vocals Rank Rating
01 The Quiz Annika Norlin 2 Rating-7.svg
02 2006 Annika Norlin 1 Rating-7.svg
03 The Best Night of Your Life Annika Norlin 3 Rating-5.svg
04 Last Bitter Song Annika Norlin 4 Rating-1.svg
05 Leaving You Behind Annika Norlin 5 Rating-0.svg

The album's total score is 144.