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Work House was a design company that put together video game hint books. The company existed from around 1987 to 2000 starting with an office in Tokyo, Japan named "Work House Co., Ltd." The company also started an American branch called "Work House U.S.A., Inc." Work House's primary client was Nintendo and they published their works with Tokuma Shoten. Work House designed the majority of Nintendo's hint books from 1987 to the early 1990s, including Nintendo Power. In the early 1990s, V Design became Nintendo's primary hint book designer and Work House continued to provide assistance to some Nintendo hint books as late as 2000. I can find almost nothing on the Internet about the company, so I assume they closed at that time. Work House also designed hint books for companies which published through Nintendo like Enix and FCI.


I learned about the company in the 2010s when I saw their names cropping up in the credits for video game magazines and strategy guides that I liked. Finding almost nothing about them on the Internet, I started compiling this page from the scraps.


Title Published
Dragon Warrior: Strategy Guide 1989
Tips & Tactics: The Legend of Zelda 1986-02-??
The Official Nintendo Player's Guide 1987
Nintendo Power 1988-1994
Nintendo Player's Guide 1991-2000
Super Mario Bros. 2: Inside Out 1989
Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book 1989
Unveiled Secrets of Dragon Warrior II 198?


The following are people who have worked for Work House who are important to me: