Wolfenstein 3-D

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Original North American box art.

Wolfenstein 3-D is a first-person shooter based on Escape From Castle Wolfenstein. It was developed by id Software and originally released for DOS in 1992 and then ported to several other platforms. In the game, you play a World War II prisoner of war who has escaped his cell deep in a Nazi prison and must escape. Additional episodes were added where you infiltrate Nazi strongholds and kill Hitler and other Nazi leaders.

Wolfenstein 3-D is a video game milestone being one of the first hugely popular FPSs.


I do not own Wolfenstein 3D, but have beaten the first three episodes at Bring 'Em On difficulty.


  • Overall: 5/10
  • Best Version: DOS


  • The game, for its time, is a beautiful example of a first-person shooter done right.
  • Though cartoonish, the graphics are well-drawn and attractive.
  • The enemy AI is pretty dumb, but it does sometimes cause some rather shocking results when they inadvertently sneak up on you from behind.
  • Bobby Prince's incorporation of Nazi and American political music was a nice touch.
  • The sliding secret doors is a really cool addition.
  • The addition of a secret 3-D Pac-Man level was pretty cool.


  • The game tends to become monotonous. After the third episode, you've seen nearly everything the game has to offer save the remaining bosses.
  • The use of lives and points doesn't really fit the game's theme.


  • Nothing.