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Wizards & Warriors is a platform beat 'em up developed by Rare and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the NES in December of 1987.


I played this game while I was reading the book. I beat it on 2020-10-24.


I own a cart signed by David Wise and have beat it.



  • The game has pretty decent graphics for 1987. The multi-tiled backgrounds are good, the near full-screen items look great, and Kuros's death animation looks funny.


  • Because you enter doors simply by touching them, you will frequently accidentally enter them. Especially when you try to avoid the monsters that swarm you when you first enter the room.
  • I don't care for the jump attack mechanic. Simply maneuvering your player so the sword touches an enemy, without actually having to attack, doesn't feel or look right. While this doesn't really hurt the game play, it hurts the immersion.
  • I don't like how you jumping occurs from holding down the jump button.
  • I don't like the roots in the trees where you are knocked back and forth with little control. If you want to obtain chests or diamonds, you must memorize the stage and have great reaction time. This is not fun, it's tedious. Thankfully, it's not very important.
  • When you get a item from a chest, you're not allowed to refuse the item. If it's inferior than the one you're carrying, you'll still swap it out. This is really annoying because there is no way to know what item a chest may contain. So, if you don't want to get stuck with an inferior item, you must play the game, memorize where all the chests are and what items they contain, then play accordingly.
  • By giving the player unlimited continues and having them always respawn where they die, any player with enough determination will eventually beat the game. The only part where skill is necessary is in the boss battles, but you get infinite tries to beat them too. The only thing you gain from not dying it points, but, if you care about points, you must beat the entire game on only 3 lives, which is insanely difficult!
  • The invincible blue skulls, which shoot out endless streams of bolts, are stupid.
  • The near-naked damsels you rescue are a bit much, and you just untie them, you don't even help them up before leaving them alone in a dungeon?


  • The level design, with sparse platforms that result in frequent falling and having to redo climbing many times, is really obnoxious. This is especially annoying in the exterior of the castle where the platforms frequently disappear.
  • In every stage, monsters swarm you in very erratic patterns constantly. They're both hard to hit and avoid, and there is almost never a time when you can relax. This does not a fun game make.


The games doesn't have a credits screen, but it does have the initials of the developers in the high score table.

Roles Staff
Programmer, Designer (Probably) Mark Betteridge
Programmer, Designer (Probably) Chris Stamper
Programmer, Designer (Probably) Tim Stamper
Programmer (Probably) Paul Proctor
Production (Probably) Joel Hochberg
Artist (Probably) Rachel Edwards
Quality Assurance (Probably) Stephen Stamper
Music and Sound Effects David Wise (uncredited)


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Wizards & Warriors
Japanese 伝説の騎士エルロンド Densetsu no Kishi Eru Rondo Legendary Knight El Rondo


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