Wheel of Fortune (Rare games)

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The video game developer Rare produced three Wheel of Fortune games based on the Wheel of Fortune game show. Each game was released on the NES from 1988-1990, and were essentially the same game, but with different puzzles. The three games include:

Released Title Notes
1988-09-?? Wheel of Fortune General puzzles.
1989-10-?? Wheel of Fortune: Junior Edition Children's puzzles.
1990-03-?? Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition Simple and hard puzzles mixed together.

I don't care much for the game show, and I don't like game shows simulated as video games. Instead, I played these games just to better familiarize myself with the NES catalog of games, and add them to my list of games I've beaten.


I do not own any of theme games, but I have beat them all on easy difficulty.



  • The games do an adequate job of representing the game show.
  • The Wheel of Fortune themes, though not great, are all present.


  • The games don't accurately represent several aspects of the game show. For example, the Free Spin place doesn't have a dollar value, it isn't taken off the wheel when someone lands on it, and you can't guess a letter if you land on it, instead you have to spin again. Also, none of the values on the wheel change per round, and they top out at $1,000.


  • The games are incredibly slow-paced. Most of the game is spent waiting for a clock to count down or watching the wheel spin.
  • All three games are essentially identical, only with new puzzles and a slightly altered title screen. Very little effort was spent trying to update the quality of the game engine, graphics, or sound.
  • The player avatars are horribly drawn and kind of scary looking.