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This is an explanation of my video game rating scale. I've tried to create a system to allows me to more-objectively measure quality of games, without getting too focused on my personal opinion of the game.


Each category is ranked on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest.

Icon Category Description
Video Game Review Icon - Enjoyment.png Enjoyment How enjoyable it is to play the game. This is the primary rank. It is partially a result of the other categories taken together, but it also takes into account less-tangible aspects of the game like creative use of game mechanics, quality of the story, etc.
Video Game Review Icon - Control.png Control How easily the player can do what she wants. Is the interface intuitive? If the game uses an avatar, does it respond quickly to input? Are their enough options to keep the game interesting, but not so many to become overly-complex?
Video Game Review Icon - Appearance.png Appearance How the game looks. Does the artistic style work? Is there good use of color? Is the animation fluid?
Video Game Review Icon - Sound.png Sound How the game sounds. Is the music interesting? Does it properly accent the game's style? Do the sound effects compliment the game?
Video Game Review Icon - Replayability.png Replayability How long the game stays interesting. Does it have difficulty settings? Can you unlock new features? Are their hidden areas to find? Would you want to play it again?