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Corel Draw is a professional vector graphics editor.

A vector graphics editor is a computer program that allows the user to view and edit vector graphics (as opposed to rastor graphics).


Growing up with pixel art, I was far more interested in raster graphics through my childhood and teens. I didn't become interested in vector graphics until I started working in a professional office and found them to be necessary for printing, logos, and various other uses. Since then, my appreciation for vector graphics has grown considerably. My favorite vector graphics program is Corel Draw, but I use Inkscape any time I want to work with the SVG format.


Name Platforms Notes
Corel Draw Windows A powerful and cheaper alternative to Illustrator. My favorite for vector editing.
Inkscape Linux, Macintosh, and Windows Free, but difficult to use.
Illustrator iOS, Macintosh, Windows Powerful editor, but very invasive to your computer.