Up In Bubbles

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US hardcover, 1st edition.

Up In Bubbles is a children's book written and illustrated by Barbara Salsberg and published in 1979. The book is about a girl who blows a giant pink bubblegum bubble and floats away inside of it, and the people who follow her. The illustrations are made from ink line art. All of the illustrations are in black and white, except for the gum, which is always colored pink.

My mother had a copy of this book and I remember being fascinated with the illustrations back in 1985, before I could even read the story. As us kids got older, the book was probably given away and it faded from my memory. Every few years or so I'd remember it, but it wasn't until I was 27 that I wanted to find it and read it again. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the title and author, so I didn't have any luck searching for it online. Thankfully, my sister remembered the title, and I was able to find a used copy online.


I own a hardcover copy of this book and have read it several times.



  • The story is very fanciful and fun to imagine.
  • The illustrations have a sort of surreal unearthly feel to them that I really love.
  • Using black and white, but coloring the pink bubblegum was a great artistic choice.


  • The book is sadly too short, and doesn't have much of a plot, but then, it is a kid's book.


  • Nothing.