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Undertale is a role-playing game with action elements, with a very cute story. It reminds me a lot of Earthbound. I've beaten the average ending and the true pacifist ending.



  • The writing is really good. It really makes you feel the feels.
  • The game is technically attractive with a mock 8-bit feel. Both the graphics and sound feel 8-bit, but various tells make it obvious that it's 32-bit.
  • A lot of detail was put into the game.
  • Most of the game's characters are charming without becoming annoying.
  • I actually felt bad that I killed Toriel, and tried calling her on the cell afterward, and was saddened that she didn't answer.
  • The various mini-games used for combat are really cool.
  • A lot of the monsters are clever ideas.
  • The idea of making the "hero" out to be the bad guy in the game is quite clever, even more so, the more evil you become, the harder the game gets.
  • The various end bosses are really impressive.


  • Some of the sections in the game are quite dull. You often walk down plain corridors consisting of nothing but flat colors. I'm assuming this was added for ambiance, but it just slows down the game.
  • The game is pretty short, but this is mostly forgivable since it's meant to be played more than once.


  • Nothing.