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Dan Black - Un.jpg

CD - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Dan Black
Published 2009-07-13
Type Studio
Genre Electronica, Dance
Themes Relationships, self-reflection, self-fulfillment

Un is the debut studio album by Dan Black released on CD on 2009-07-13. The songs are mostly electronic dance music and about relationships, dealing with personal issues, and enjoying life. The album was created and recorded almost entirely by Black on his computer in his home recording studio.

Black explained the title "Un" is meant to refer to the number one to denote his first album, but also the prefix "un" to imply his music is "un-rock and un-hip-hop."


I learned about this album after hearing the single Symphonies in a indie playlist. I love the song and sought out the album and enjoyed much of the music on it.

I don't own this album.

Track listing

All songs composed and sung by Dan Black. However, several songs feature samples from other artists.

Track Title Rank Rating
1 Symphonies 1 Rating-8.svg
2 U + Me = 7 Rating-0.svg
3 Ecstasy 8 Rating-0.svg
4 Alone 5 Rating-4.svg
5 Cocoon 9 Rating-0.svg
6 Yours 6 Rating-4.svg
7 Pump My Pumps 10 Rating-0.svg
8 Wonder 11 Rating-0.svg
9 Cigarette Pack 12 Rating-0.svg
10 Life Slash Dreams 4 Rating-5.svg
11 I Love Life 3 Rating-6.svg
12 Let Go 2 Rating-6.svg

The album's total score is 224.



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