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Overall: 4/10
* '''Overall:''' 4/10
* '''Best Version:''' Windows

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Title screen.

Type:Rider is a 2-D ball-rolling puzzle game. You play as two dots of an ellipses trying to find the third dot at the end of each stage which requires careful maneuvering through the hazards and manipulation of various objects. As you progress, you learn about the history of typefaces and specific fonts. Each stage is tailored to the fonts it's describing.


I own this game through Steam and have beaten each stage, and found all asterisks and ampersands.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Windows


  • The marriage of education and entertainment is done quite well. You learn, but you don't get bored.
  • The graphics are really quite beautiful.
  • The Comic Sans stage, while obnoxious, is hilarious.


  • It's a bit annoying when stages make it possible to miss a letter and prevent you from going back. You're forced to replay the entire stage to get it.


  • Nothing.