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Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game is a fantasy-themed trivia video game.

Trivia is a genre of video game where the player is expected to answer trivial questions, that is questions about unimportant or esoteric information. At their most basic, trivia games simply ask the player questions and report if they're right or wrong. In fact, most trivia video games are of this nature. However, over the years, developers began incorporating more complex features that are made easier with technology like detailed record keeping, time keeping, multiple payers across great distances, etc. Trivia games are among the first video games ever made, dating back to the rise of minicomputers in the 1960s with titles like Knowledge Computer, Computer Quiz, and Prof. Quizmaster. A large portion of trivia games are just simulations of trivia board games like Trivial Pursuit and quiz shows like Jeopardy!.


I was introduced to trivia games as a young child, and those early positive experiences caused me to appreciate trivia games my whole life. Since I also loved video games, it was only natural for me to enjoy trivia video games, however, I find that most trivia video games don't take advantage of what video games are capable of, and they feel more like playing a board game with a TV.


These are the trivia video games that are important to me. For the complete list, see the category.

Title Released Notes
King's Questions 1994-??-?? King's Quest theme.
Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game 1992-??-?? Fantasy theme.
Trivia Crack 2013-10-27
You Don't Know Jack series 1995-??-??


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