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| 2012-??-?? || ''[[The Oregon Trail (Windows Phone game)|The Oregon Trail]]'' || [[Windows Phone]]
| 2012-??-?? || ''[[The Oregon Trail (Windows Phone game)|The Oregon Trail]]'' || [[Windows Phone]]
| 2018-??-?? || ''Handheld Oregon Trail'' || Dedicated handheld
| 2018-??-?? || ''The Oregon Trail'' || Dedicated handheld

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The 1985 logo.

The Trail universe encapsulates a series of educational games primarily developed by MECC, the most popular of which is The Oregon Trail. Being originally created in 1971, this makes it one of the earliest video game franchises. The game was created as a learning tool to teach about North American frontier life and its success led to over a dozen official remakes, spinoffs regarding the exploration of other regions like the Amazon, Yukon, South America, and Africa, as well as many clones, fan games, and traditional board and card games. There have been dozens of ports and upgrades to the original model, so many that it's difficult to group the games effectively, but certainly the most well-known game in the series is the 1985 Apple II release.

My first experience playing a Trail game was on a Commodore 64 in elementary school around 1987. The computer was loaded with Expeditions which features a version of The Oregon Trail which predates the popular 1985 Apple II port. I know I had seen

Video Games

Released Title Platforms
1971-??-?? The Oregon Trail HP 2100
1974-??-?? The Oregon Trail CDC Cyber 70
1978-??-?? The Oregon Trail Apple II
1980-??-?? Oregon Apple II
1982-??-?? The Oregon Trail Atari 8-Bit, Commodore 64
1984-??-?? Expeditions (Oregon) Commodore 64
1985-??-?? The Oregon Trail Apple II, Atari 8-Bit, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Macintosh, MS-DOS
1992-??-?? The Oregon Trail Deluxe Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1993-??-?? The Amazon Trail Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows 3
1994-??-?? The Yukon Trail Macintosh, Windows 3
1995-??-?? MayaQuest Trail Macintosh, Windows 3
1995-??-?? Oregon Trail II Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 3
1997-??-?? Africa Trail Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3
1997-??-?? The Oregon Trail: 3rd Edition Macintosh, Windows
1998-??-?? Amazon Trail: 3rd Edition Macintosh, Windows
2001-??-?? The Oregon Trail: 4th Edition Macintosh, Windows
2002-??-?? The Oregon Trail: 5th Edition Macintosh, Windows
2009-03-11 The Oregon Trail: American Settler Android, BlackBerry, DSi, iOS, Windows Mobile
2011-12-04 The Oregon Trail: 40th Anniversary Edition 3DS, Wii
2012-??-?? The Oregon Trail Windows Phone
2018-??-?? The Oregon Trail Dedicated handheld


  • The Oregon Trail: Journey to Willamette Valley
  • The Oregon Trail: Card Game
  • The Oregon Trail: Hunt For Food
  • The Organ Trail (zombie themed)


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