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Tradewest's logo.

Tradewest, was an American video game publisher founded in 1986 by former SNK US Vice President John Rowe, and bankers Leland Cook and his son Byron Cook. The company began by publishing SNK arcade games in the US. In 1987, they purchased Cinematronics and renamed it Leland Corporation. The company published games in the North American and European regions for the arcade, NES, Game Boy, Genesis, Game Gear, SNES, and Jaguar. In 1994, Tradewest was acquired by WMS Industries and renamed to Williams Entertainment. The brand was revived by a holding company in 2009, but it disappeared again in 2013.

I learned about Tradewest in the late-1980s because it the company published the NES port of Double Dragon. While I didn't really pay much attention to video game publishers at the time, but my brother got the game the same Christmas I got Bad Dudes which was published by Data East, and I thought the contrast between east and west in the publisher's names was interesting. Tradewest stayed in my memory because of Battletoads, but that was pretty much it. Most of the other titles published by Tradewest were sports games which I had little interest in.


These are the games Tradewest published that are important to me:





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