Tower of Heaven

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World cover art.

Tower of Heaven, 天国の塔, Tengoku no To, Tower of Heaven in Japanese, is a platform action game developed and published by Askiisoft for Windows in 2009. The game was initially designed in Game Maker and then ported to Flash in 2010. The flash version adds a couple new features.

I was made aware of the game after buying the soundtrack in a Humble Bundle. I really liked the music, so I decided to find the game. I became too frustrated with my first attempt, but tried again a little while later and beat it.


The game is free, and I have beat it multiple times.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Flash


  • The premise is quite nice. I like the idea of climbing the tower to reach a god who smites you for not following his ridiculous rules.
  • I like the art style and dithering, and the fours shades of green-gray is pleasantly reminiscent of Game Boy.
  • The music is phenomenal, the best part of the game, in my opinion.
  • The controls are quite responsive.
  • The death animations are quite nice.
  • I like the empty intermission rooms.
  • The character has cute foot-twiddling jumps.
  • The secrets and alternate ending is a nice touch.


  • The game is too short.
  • There are a few tricky parts where you die so many times it become annoying.


  • Nothing

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