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Tose is a Japanese video game development company. The company was founded in November 1979 and has worked with hundreds of other video game companies to create over 1,000 games. Tose almost always acts as a ghost developer where other video game companies hire them to make or port a video game for them, and then leave Tose off their credits; an arrangement that Tose prefers. To maintain their anonymity, Tose usually doesn't even allow the names of their developers to be added to game credits. Because of this, it's very difficult to know which games Tose has developed over the years. Some of the games that are attributed to them may not be their work, and, no doubt, many of the games they developed remain credited to their backers.


I didn't learn about Tose until I started getting into video game research in the 2000s, but, even then, they were never my focus. I would occasionally see their name as the originator of titles like Vanguard and as a developer on MobyGames. Their name also popped up several times on the shows made by Jeremy Parish, and my interest was piqued enough to try and learn more about them. From what I gather, they're often hired to make cheap licensed games, so much of their library is garbage, however, when given time, money, and creative control, they can make some really good games.


These are the games Tose appears to have made that are important to me. Tose also ported a lot of my favorite Square games to later consoles.


Game Boy

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


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