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Tootsie Pop display.

A Tootsie Pop is a hard candy lollipop filled with a Tootsie Roll. They were invented in 1931 by Luke Weisgram and are manufactured by Tootsie Roll Industries.

I've been a fan of the Tootsie Pops from a very young age. I still enjoy them, not just because they're a bit unique in shape and texture, but also because they have some distinct flavors.

Because of the "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" promotion, my cousins and I once spent an afternoon licking our lollipops and keeping count until we reached the center. I think my count was in the 700s. In reality, there is no way to get a standard count because each lollipop has a slightly different thickness, not just from its odd shape, but from an imperfect manufacturing process, and it's also not possible to get a standard "lick." People have setup licking machines and averaged out dozens of results, but they still differ wildly.

The wrapper of the candy is section cut from a long graphic of children performing various activities. This has led to interesting legends about what can happen if you get specific graphics on your wrapper. The one I've most commonly heard about is that a wrapper with the boy dressed as a Native American shooing an arrow at a star can be redeemed for a free Tootsie Roll Pop. There are many other legends as well, but they were all started by individual stores, not the manufacturer.

Also, while the product's display box uses the name "Tootsie Pop," the lollipop's wrapper reads, "Tootsie Roll Pop."


Tootsie Pops are typically sold with the flavors chocolate, cherry, grape, orange, and raspberry, and a sixth flavor that changes over time. I have only tasted a handful of the alternating flavors.

Flavor Rank Notes
Apple Blueberry -
Banana - Had it, but I don't remember what it's like.
Berry Punch -
Blue Raspberry -
Blueberry -
Candy Cane -
Caramel -
Cherry 1 Standard flavor. This is a fantastic cherry.
Chocolate 3 Standard flavor. The first flavor produced. One of the few hard candy chocolates.
Citrus Punch -
Grape 9 Standard flavor. Not that great of a grape, and it clashes with the chocolate of the Tootsie Roll.
Green Apple -
Lemon 5 A nice strong lemon flavor.
Lemon Lime -
Orange 7 Standard flavor. A good orange, but orange is so common in candy, I'm sick of it.
Orange Pineapple -
Pineapple -
Pomegranate -
Raspberry 2 Standard flavor. Nice and tangy. Great flavor.
Sour Apple -
Sour Blackberry -
Sour Blue Raspberry -
Sour Lemon -
Strawberry 4 Great candy strawberry flavor.
Strawberry Banana -
Strawberry Kiwi 8 The kiwi flavor is noticeable, but gives it a medicinal taste.
Strawberry-Vanilla -
Strawberry-Watermelon -
Sweet Cherry -
Sweet Grape -
Sweet Orange -
Sweet Raspberry -
Tangerine -
Tropical Punch -
Watermelon 6 Tastes more like a real watermelon that the Jolly Rancher watermelon, but that's not a good thing.
Wild Apple Berry -
Wild Berry -
Wild Black Cherry -
Wild Blackberry -
Wild Blueberry -
Wild Cherry Berry -
Wild Mango Berry -



Full commercial.


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