Today I Die

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Starting screen.

Today I Die is a short puzzle game by Daniel Benmergui and released in Flash in 2009. The game opens on a drowned woman with a poem above her. You are able to move around various words in the poem to adjust the setting of the game. In each new setting there is a different obstacle to overcome. Benmergui also created an iPhone version which I have yet to play.

I found this game online shortly after it came out because I was already a fan of Benmergui's earlier game, I Wish I Were the Moon.


This game is freely available online. I have beaten it.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: ?

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game is attractive looking. There is a good use of color palette. The pixel art is nice.
  • The story that unfolds in quite pleasant and happy.


  • Nothing.


  • The game is too short. Even without any knowledge, it can be finished in a couple minutes.