Third Epistle of John

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The Third Epistle of John is a letter that was canonized into the vast majority of Christian bibles. Even though the author does not identify himself, most Christians believe the letter was written by John the Evangelist. This is primarily based on a supposed similar writing style to the other two epistles and the Gospel of John--which is also anonymously written--and many scholars have demonstrated stark contrasts between the writing styles. The letter is dated by scholars to around 95-110 CE, though John the Evangelist died in 100 CE.

The letter is addressed to a person named Gaius, warning him about a heretical gossip named Diotrephes, but promoting a person named Demetrius.


I have several translations of this book from various bibles, and have read it.


  • The short letter is little more than administrative talk between church members and contributes nothing to the religion except possibly being hospitable.