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Album cover.

The Works is the eleventh studio album by Queen. It's mostly hard rock and pop rock with a bit of experimental sounds as is typical of the band. The album's title comes from a comment Roger Taylor made as recording began, "Let's give them the works!". It was produced by Reinhold Mack and the band and published on 1984-02-27.


This was one of the later Queen albums I bought, I think because I already knew about half of the songs on the album from compilations and live albums I owned. When I did buy the album, I bought the Hollywood Records CD version, which was a good choice because the the additional bonus tracks make up for this being one of Queen's shortest albums. I really like the album, and it's in my top 40 favorite albums ever, but none of the songs ever made a serious emotional connection with me, so it's one of my least favorite Queen albums. Of course, that's like saying it's my least favorite diamond.

I own the album on CD.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals Rank Rating
A1 Radio Ga Ga Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury 3 Rating-8.svg
A2 Tear It Up Brian May Freddie Mercury 6 Rating-6.svg
A3 It's a Hard Life Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 5 Rating-7.svg
A4 Man on the Prowl Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 7 Rating-5.svg
B1 Machines (or 'Back to Humans') Brian May, Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor 8 Rating-5.svg
B2 I Want to Break Free John Deacon Freddie Mercury 2 Rating-8.svg
B3 Keep Passing the Open Windows Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 4 Rating-7.svg
B4 Hammer to Fall Brian May Freddie Mercury 1 Rating-8.svg
B5 Is This the World We Created...? Brian May, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 9 Rating-5.svg

The album's total score is 592.



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