The Miracle

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Original UK vinyl cover.

The Miracle is the thirteenth studio album by Queen. It's mostly hard rock and pop rock with a bit of experimental sounds as is typical of the band. It was produced by David Richards and the band and published on 1989-05-22.


This was one of the later Queen albums I bought. I already knew of I Want It All and The Miracle from compilations, but I was surprised to hear the album versions were markedly different, and, to this day, I prefer the single versions. I knew of Breakthru from a Queen documentary, so I was eager to hear that song, and I really liked it, and Was It All Worth It was a surprise gem. I initially liked the two intro tracks when I first started listening to the album, but I now see them as the low point of the album, and I wasn't that impressed by the other songs. This is my least favorite of Queen's studio albums.

I own a CD of the Hollywood Records release.

Track Listing

Track Title Writer(s) Vocals Rank Rating
A1 Party Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon Freddie Mercury, Brian May 10 Rating-2.svg
A2 Khashoggi's Ship Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury 9 Rating-2.svg
A3 The Miracle John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 4 Rating-6.svg
A4 I Want It All Brian May Freddie Mercury, Brian May 1 Rating-7.svg
A5 The Invisible Man Roger Taylor Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor 5 Rating-5.svg
B1 Breakthru Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 3 Rating-6.svg
B2 Rain Must Fall John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 7 Rating-3.svg
B3 Scandal Brian May Freddie Mercury 6 Rating-5.svg
B4 My Baby Does Me John Deacon, Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 8 Rating-3.svg
B5 Was It All Worth It Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury 2 Rating-7.svg

The album's total score is 236.



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