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[[Category: Young Adult Books|Goats, The]]
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[[Category: Fiction|Goats, The]]
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[[Category: Favorite Books|Goats, The]]

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The Goats is a young adult novel by Brock Cole first published on 1990-07-01. The story follows two kids who are the victims of a cruel prank at summer camp, and their subsequent difficulties as they run away from the camp and try to survive on their own without any money or even clothes. The book was made into a movie titled Standing Up.

My friend Jackie was going to sell her extra books to a used book store and asked if I wanted to take a look through any of them. This one caught my eye, and she gave it a pretty stellar review, so I took it, and boy am I glad I did!


I have a mass market copy and have read it twice.


— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Howie and Laura are both very believable characters that, in my childhood, I could easily relate to.
  • I continually felt both interested, worried, and excited through the whole book.
  • I love that the book doesn't pull any punches on coming-of-age issues like pubic hair, menstruation, and the like.
  • The occasional forays into the camp councilors and Laura's mom, keep the book exciting.
  • Near the end, I really felt afraid for Howie and Laura, especially with the encounter with the police officer, and the final running away dilemma.
  • I really love Laura's name, and how it's kept a secret.


  • I know that the story takes place from Howie's perspective, but I wish a little more insight was given as to what was going on in Laura's head.


  • Nothing.