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Steam title card.

The Frostrune is an adventure puzzle game developed by Grimnir and published by Snow Cannon Games for Android and iOS on 2017-02-01 and for Macintosh and Windows the next day. In the game, a Norse ship is sunk in a storm off the coast of Norway in 965 CE. Only a 13-year-old girl survives by swimming to a nearby shore. There is a settlement, but everyone there is either missing or dead from a strange magical ice that has frozen everything. You must unravel the mystery by using the magic of the old ones and your own cunning.

I found this game in the Google store while looking for a new game to play on my phone. The fact that it was free and had very attractive screenshots caused me to download it. I beat it on 2020-02-02.


The game is free on Android, but costs money on other platforms. I beat it without any hints.


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Best Version: Android

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The background art is superb! Even though it's mostly static, the particle effects, lighting transformations, and transparent layering make it look animated.
  • The game has little formal music, but it does have fantastic ambient sound effects and mood sound. The speech in a foreign language is also wonderful.
  • There is a decent variety of puzzles. Most of them are inventory puzzles, but there are also observational puzzles and auditory puzzles.
  • The game has been translated to several languages.


  • Items disappear from your inventory after use, even when there is no need for this to occur. For example, early in the game, you obtain a knife which you use to cut a rope, causing the knife to disappear. While I understand why the designers chose this route (to prevent your inventory from filling up with unusable junk), they probably could have come up with a more realistic way to handle this.
  • There were a couple places in the game where the descriptive text should have changed after an event but didn't. For example, early on, after you obtain keys off a corpse, you will still get the message that you can't reach the keys.


  • Nothing.




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