The Champions (2015 film)

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The Champions is a documentary film about the dogs rescued from football player Michael Vick's criminal dog fighting ring. The film was published in 2015 and describes the police investigation of Vick and the atrocities he committed and got away with, but, more importantly, it covers the rescuers who saved the dogs from execution and rescued and placed them in foster care. In particular, it follows five dogs closely so you can see their long process of rehabilitation, training, and eventual adoption into a loving families.


I saw this film on Netflix shortly after it was released and it totally broke my heart. Anyone who loves animals will have a hard time watching this, but it's so important to see. I absolutely loved this film, and it made me value my own dog that much more afterward.


I don't own the film, but I have seen it.



  • The transformation you see with the dogs going from angry caged animals, to loving family pets is intensely heartwarming. You feel a connection with both the dogs and their caretakers.
  • The film does a good job depicting Michael Vick as the villain he is. His callous disregard for life is almost as disgusting as the NFL welcoming him back with open arms. My rage was palpable.


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