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Tegan and Sara, circa 2019.

Tegan and Sara is an indie rock duo from Canada composed of identical twin sisters, Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin. Both members are singers, song writers, and multi-instrumentalists. The vast majority of their songs are about relationships.


I started becoming aware of Tegan and Sara in the mid-2000s. I was beginning to branch out into indie music because of Rilo Kiley and songs from Tegan and Sara started showing up in the same circles. I remember seeing the music video for Walking with a Ghost while clothes shopping at Sears, and, although I didn't find that song all that interesting, I downloaded some of their music and liked several tracks. I remember visiting my friend Kimberly and her and I listening to The Con together after it had just come out. I enjoyed several of their songs and bought a couple of their albums. However, after watching The Con: The Movie, I found the two sisters' constant bickering to be insufferable.

After 2008, the sisters began crediting their music as both Tegan and Sara, prior to that, the primary song writer was credited. At least from these early songs, I can say that I vastly prefer Tegan's songs over Sara's.



Released Title Rank Rating Own?
1999-04-06 Under Feet Like Ours 7 0
2000-07-18 This Business of Art 5 72
2002-08-20 If It Was You 4 112
2004-09-14 So Jealous 1 450 Yes
2007-07-24 The Con 3 320 Yes
2009-10-26 Sainthood 6 64
2013-01-29 Heartthrob 2 342
2016-06-03 Love You to Death
2019-09-27 Hey, I'm Just Like You
2022-02-11 Still Jealous
2022-10-21 Crybaby





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