Tape Deck Heart

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Tape Deck Heart

Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart.jpg

CD - USA - 1st edition.

Artist Frank Turner
Published 2013-04-22
Type Studio
Genre Folk rock, Folk punk
Themes Redemption, relationships, substance abuse

Tape Deck Heart is the fifth solo studio album by Frank Turner, published to CD on 2013-04-22. The songs are mostly folk rock and folk punk and focus on relationships, breakups, and substance abuse.


Own?Yes, CD.

I was at a Frank Turner concert when he began playing some songs that I wasn't very familiar with, and it turned out that he had released a new album since I became of fan of his because of England Keep My Bones. I didn't know the songs, but they were sung with such high energy live that I bought the album at his merch table. It took me awhile to get to the new album, and I didn't really adore it at first because breakup albums are usually a bit too much for me, but it slowly grew on me.

Track Listing

All songs sung by Frank Turner.

Track Title Composer Rank Rating
01 Recovery Frank Turner 1 Rating-7.svg
02 Losing Days Frank Turner 2 Rating-7.svg
03 The Way I Tend to Be Frank Turner 3 Rating-6.svg
04 Plain Sailing Weather Frank Turner, Matt Nasir 4 Rating-6.svg
05 Good & Gone Frank Turner 5 Rating-5.svg
06 Tell Tale Signs Frank Turner 8 Rating-0.svg
07 Four Simple Words Frank Turner 6 Rating-4.svg
08 Polaroid Picture Frank Turner 9 Rating-0.svg
09 The Fisher King Blues Frank Turner 10 Rating-0.svg
10 Anymore Frank Turner 11 Rating-0.svg
11 Oh Brother Frank Turner, Matt Nasir 7 Rating-3.svg
12 Broken Piano Frank Turner 12 Rating-0.svg

The album's total score is 220.


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