Super Sisters!!!

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Title screen of the hack.

Super Sisters!!! is a hack of the original Super Mario Bros. that I made for my daughters on 2021-02-10. Instead of Mario and Luigi rescuing Princess Toadstool, Gabby and Illy are rescuing Mario.


Wanting to introduce my daughters into video games at a young age, I played them the Above Ground BGM of Super Mario Bros.. They very quickly learned to request the tune, as well as other songs from Mario games, and were very happy when I let them actually play the game. However, one thing that irked me was how Gabby fixated on Princess Toadstool reaching out for Mario to rescue her on the Japanese cover. Not liking the idea of my girls being inundated with damsel in distress tropes so early in their lives, I decided to hack the game so the Princess would rescue Mario, similar to a hack of Donkey Kong I had seen previously. I'm not a very good pixel artist, so, luckily, someone had already made such a hack. However, I wanted to take the extra step and put my girls into the game directly so they could play as themselves. I made a text table and used FCEUX to change the names "Mario" and "Luigi" to "Gabby" and "Illy" in the ROM, use the PPU Viewer and the hex editor to find and change their colors to match their favorite clothes, and used a title screen editor to change the name of the game.