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(Favorite Games)
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* [[ActRaiser]]
* [[ActRaiser]]
* [[Chrono Trigger]]
* [[Chrono Trigger]]
* [[Demon's Crest]]
* [[Final Fantasy VI]]
* [[Final Fantasy VI]]
* [[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]]
* [[The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]]

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The North American model SNES.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, is a video game console created by Nintendo and released in Japan in 1990 and in the USA in 1991.

After seeing my friend beat Super Mario World shortly after the SNES came out, and being a huge fan of Nintendo in general, I requested an SNES for Christmas and got it (I believe it was the winter of 1991, but it may have been 1992). This is probably my favorite video game platform over all. Even if it doesn't have the most of my favorite games, I just think it was the best-constructed of platforms showcasing the largest jump in technology, while also having a solid construction.


I own both an old model and new model SNES.

Favorite Games

Of the games I've played on the system, I have particularly enjoyed:



  • Many great games were released on the platform.
  • The controllers, though not as tough as those on the NES had the perfect amount of buttons to handle complex games, while still not being overly obnoxious.
  • The system had a great GPU, and mode 7 graphics were very impressive at the time.
  • The audio chip was phenomenal, and blew every other competitor out of the water.
  • Nintendo again made the wise decision of allowing cartridges to include additional chips for additional functionality, this time to add a 3D chip.
  • Nintendo released a nice amount of peripherals like the Score Master, Mouse, Super Game Boy, and in Japan, the Nintendo Power Cart and Satellaview.


  • The plastic they used in the USA was poorly made and caused the machines to turn a sickly yellow color.
  • Again, far too many poorly designed games were made for the platform.


  • Nothing.