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US cartridge.

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt is a multicart developed and published by Nintendo for the NES in November 1988 and contains the games Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. It was created to sell with the NES Action Set which came with the NES Control Deck, two controllers, the Zapper, and the multicart. Even though the multicart required a larger ROM chip to hold both games, Nintendo was able to save money by combining them because it didn't need all the extra packaging and circuitry of both carts. The game was not boxed, but it did come with a single booklet containing the manuals of both games.

This was the first NES cartridge my family owned because we bought the Action Set. My brother and I played it religiously. One thing I like about the cart is how it boots to a menu screen and the cursor that identified which game is selected is an animated character from the game.


I own this cart and can beat Super Mario Bros. and can play Duck Hunt indefinitely when allowed extreme close range.


Since the two games were combined essentially unchanged, you can see my review for each on their respective pages.


Box Art

Although the game didn't have a box, it did have the typical media sticker on the cartridge which just combined the American Mario and Duck Hunt box art. It was later altered slightly with the Nintendo logo squeezed between the game icons. Some European countries used the superior Japanese box art.