Super Mario Bros.

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North American box art.

Super Mario Bros. is an action platformer by Nintendo released on the NES in 1985 as the first in the "Super Mario" series, though not the first "Mario" game.

I first played it around 1987 at my baby sitter's house, and then, after my brother and I bought our own NES Action Set around 1988, many, many more times.


I own this game as an individual cart and as a dual cart with Duck Hunt. I have beaten it without warping or mining extra lives.


  • Overall: 7/10
  • Best Version: NES


  • Over all, the game is a lot of fun with a solid challenge.
  • There is a lot of variation among the levels. As you progress in the game there are new enemies, platforms, springs, etc., and the levels vary from day, night, underground, underwater, tree tops, bridges, inside castles, outside castles, winter, etc.
  • The graphics are quite good for the time.
  • The music is nicely hummable.
  • The addition of a harder second quest, though minor, adds replay to the game.
  • I am awed that the developers were able to cram the entire game into 32K!


  • I find the underwater music to be a bit grating.
  • The ending is too short for such a difficult game.


  • Nothing.

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