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Super Famicom with controller.

The Super Famicom スーパーファミコン [Supa Famikon], is a fourth generation video game console created by Nintendo and released in Japan on 1990-11-21. It was released in the USA nearly a year later under the name, Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike the Famicom, which was notably different from the Nintendo Entertainment System, the SNES was essentially identical to its Japanese counterpart with only cosmetic differences. The Super Famicom CPU is the Ricoh 5A22, essentially a 16-bit version of the MOS 6502.


I have never played an actual Super Famicom in real life, but I have played a lot of Super Famicom games through emulators, and the SNES is my favorite video game console.


I do not own a Super Famicom and have never used one in real life.


See all Super Famicom Games.

These are the Super Famicom games that are important to me:



The Super Famicom is very similar to the SNES, the the review is essentially the same.



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