Spirited Away

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North American DVD cover.

Spirited Away is an animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. It is about a whiny young girl moving into a new town, but suddenly finding herself in a bathhouse for the spirits, with her parents turned into pigs. There are many dangerous spirits and the owner of the bath house, Baba Yaga, is a scary witch who steals the little girl's name.



  • The whole movie makes you feel frightened, alone, and helpless, but at the same time being amazed and in awe.
  • The backgrounds throughout the entire movie art gorgeous.
  • The character design is also fantastic. Everything is very exotic and unlike anything you'd expect.
  • The locations are very exciting. There is always a hint of danger, and you never feel very comfortable with where you are.
  • The characters all have depth. Nobody is 2D or a stereotype, even the villains are relatable.


  • Like all animation, the character animation frame rate is too low. It's certainly higher than any other Japanese animation I've seen, but still far less than it could be.
  • Chihiro is a bit too pathetic at times.
  • The movie gets a little dull near the end. When Chihiro goes to visit Zeniba.


  • Nothing.

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